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I totally agree with other Victims who got trapped with the friendly behavior and promises of this company people. I can tell you now with my experience that this is a complete fake, unethical, liar and cheater company in their professional form. Charu, Rahul, Monika and all their staffs are simply fake who likes to give fake promises and after do nothing as successfull as they promised in the beginning. I did a big mistake by trusting them and paying around Rs 80, 000 all in full advance. They catch all the people by giving them the time frame of 6 months but after then, they do nothing fruitful. They only promise that you will get job in 6 months but actually they do nothing after you have paid your money once. I applied for work permit, submitted all the required documents whenever needed, did the full payment in advance but now its been 1 year and 4 months they could not find me a single job confirmation. What they did was scheduling few fake interviews for me for which I never received any written feedbacks until now. If I try to ask them so that I can improve for the next, they are not able to show or send me any feedback. They just say its negative without any evidence. Moreover, they say it is not their problem if the employer is not hiring me. Seriously…… Maplefly, , Its not my problem either. This is not why I choose them and pay them so that employee reject me and maplefly do nothing. I know very well about my candidature and how well I am with my Job profile. The problem is with this company who is not at all genuine and literally have no Employer contacts.
I mean it is not only fakeness, but also harrassment. I have never seen such big professional Liars and Cheaters in my whole life.
Now they are not even returning my money. My money is earned by hard work not black money like your company earns by cheating and faking people. [censored]ing Cyber criminals.
My dear innocent friends, please open your eyes and do not fall into this crap. Your time and money both will be wasted. I researched a lot about these immigration process after and trust me, the immigrations does not work so simple like this with these fake agencies. You can also always call or go to your nearby Immigration center/ embassy and ask them directly about the work process and these fake companies.
I am the Victim of this fraud Maplefly company. I have many more contacts who faced the same issues too. Please do not trust this fraud company.
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Do not hesitate to call me, write me or email me at any time for this company info.

  • Updated by Annapurna Mandal, Jan 18, 2017

    Yesterday I had a conversation with them for the resolution. My experience went from Good to total Worst especially after talking to Shivani from their Legal Team. Even if I consider Maple fly to be a good organization. Then, how can their staff be so Rude, Aggressive and Shout at their Client who have paid them full in advance. I even heard how badly she was talking with her own colleague. These all made me even more angry and distrustful towards this company. And all these were only because I asked for my full Refund as its been 1 year and 4 months they did not finish my process yet. Where as, in the beginning it was always informed to me and emailed to me that the total process time is 6 months. Attached are the screenshots for the emails sent by them to me for all your references and information. I mean, they should be grateful that I, like many other victims, gave them more time to continue for completion even after when they did not keep their words of 6 months Process time.
    No doubt, Charu and her Assistant at least showed their courtesy to talk nicely with me to bring out the best solution. However, they are saying they will go with the Terms and agreements, and cannot give me my full refund. But my point is its over 6 months and they still did not complete my process on time that they have mentioned from the starting. They broke their own promise or words of 6 months Process time, because they always highlighted the duration. Then, they presented their Agreement to me only after I paid my full amount of Rs 80, 000. And that’s where I was trapped and was shocked because they did not mention about 6 months process time in the agreement at all. At that time, I had no option but to sign, take the risk and try my luck because I paid already.
    Moreover, they are still saying that if the Employers/Consultancies from Canada does not select me, then Maple Fly can not do anything. And they can not proof any evidence also. I even called back all those Canadian consultancies from my own side who called me for all the interviews conducted by Maple Fly to follow up personally, but none of those numbers ringed and always said ‘number is invalid’ or ‘check the number you have dialled’. When I told them that and wanted appropriate answer. They answered me why they should pick my call and which Consultancies in India pick up or answer the call from the client who gave the Interview. I mean, are you serious???? Forget about how nonsense is that to hear but they think everybody is sitting fool around them.
    Also, in the beginning, they wrote me that they will also share with me the list of Company/Employer of that country once I will start the process. Forget about List, until now they have not even shared a single Company name. Attached is the email screenshot also.

    So my innocent friends and Work Permit seekers, please open your minds. Never pay any amount before asking or reading their Terms and Condition fully. In my case, Maple Fly did not give me or showed me any agreement until I paid in full. This is a big Blunder. Usually, the genuine companies always present the Agreement paper before any kind of payment. Please be Aware.

    Do not hesitate to call me, write me or email me at any time for this company info. is a complete fake and unethical company is a complete fake and unethical company is a complete fake and unethical company is a complete fake and unethical company is a complete fake and unethical company
  • Updated by Annapurna Mandal, Apr 11, 2017

    At the end, I never got to contact with Charu or any higher responsible person, but only Shivani came forward to help my case to resolve and get refund deducting the processing charges.
    However, my overall experience was unpleasant.

    Tel- 09091810469 / 08274867134
    Wats app- 0041779719059
    email- [protected]

Jan 13, 2017

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