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Durban, ZA
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On saturday the 24-09-2016 I purchased some goods at Makro
I came across a bargain for Organics Shampoo & Conditioner, where you receive 2 1 litre's for just R100 bucks.-(Serial number [protected])In the month of October I only made use of this product and now have an open wound on my daughters head which refuses to go away, that i literally had to consult the doctor's first now a specialist that is treating this.

What was I sold? why was this so cheap? pathetic service provider I will never use your product again!

I have searched for a complaints dept for Organics directly and guess what?
I could find nothing that is the reason I am on Makro's complaints page.

I demand feedback, imagine how many other people are affected and nothings been done about it.

Cheap products that suck! I prefer spending more money on GLISS/ELVIVE they never disappoint me!

I have attached my proof of purchase including a picture of my daughters head at this very moment, Organics would you put up with this?


Nov 17, 2016

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