This is the message I sent on the 25th of October 2017 at 10:58

My daughter, Carmen Seegers saved for very long to buy her own laptop. She is a first year student at the University of Pretoria. As you know, studies depends on technology at the moment. She won't be able to complete the online work and tests. She bought this ASUS laptop in May 2016. We had to return it the first time on 19 July 2016! She could not use her laptop for weeks. On the 12th of October 2016 we had to take it back AGAIN for the SECOND TIME? I am sure you can agree that this is NOT acceptable for a brandnew device? PLEASE HELP my daughter to complete her studies. We can not take the chance again with this laptop. What would happen if this occurs again during an exam ? All the information that you could need to make a FAIR descision, is on the box (reference number : 2393398) what we put the laptop in when we took it back. The people at CUSTOMER SERVICES promised that it would be handled as an urgent matter due to the fact that my child needs it for studies. PLEASE help!! Lynette Seegers (parent of Carmen Seegers)

It is now on the 11th of MAY 2017 and I am desparate to get the service your company promises everywhere! My daughter is a student and insisted that she could handle everything, but it is clear that you are taking advantage of her patience. This laptop broke AGAIN!!! (the third time since May 2016!!!) She uses the laptop for studies - she can't rely on this device at all. In February 2017 she and her brother took the laptop in AGAIN to MAKRO, Centurion, but when they arrived at "CUSTOMER SERVICES" the laptop suddenly could connect and they were send home AGAIN. At this point I would expect better understanding from MAKRO as this is what laptop did from the beginning? If it did it so many times before, something is wrong?
You don't send customers home with a device that is CLEARLY defective, even if it temporarily could be switch on? As anyone could predict, the laptop had the SAME problem a month later!!!

My daughter AGAIN took the laptop to MAKRO and had to leave it there AGAIN to be send for repairs. The last Reference number was 2423641. The date today is 11 May 2017!!! She still has NO laptop????? THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE customer service. My daughter saved en paid herself for this laptop and it has been longer at repairs as it was available for her to use??? We had to borrow laptops from everyone who could spare his/her laptop for a few days at a time? I can't believe that this is how customers are treated by MAKRO. I did not even get a reply of ANY kind in 2016 from you.
My family DEFINITELY don't want to do any business with MAKRO anymore.

The ONLY thing acceptable at this stage would be a FULL (laptop and Microsoft programme she bought) REFUND voucher which I will exchange at my school where I teach (who does all their shopping at MAKRO at the moment), so that they can give my daughter the cash (which I doubt you will do). She can't rely on this laptop - we don't want it DEFINITELY don't want it back. You do realize that students write some of their exams on their laptops? How do you expect us to except this??? We will definitely not buy anything breakable at MAKRO ever again. I am sending this complain to every address and fax number I can get my hand on. I hope to hear your solution before I send it to places other than MAKRO.
Lynette Seegers

May 11, 2017

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