SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / product was a joke

My experience with

I thought I’d give it a chance, knowing full well that the manufacturing process was done in India. I do however, wish at this point (one month after ordering) that I hadn’t, since I am now out $127, and have no product to show for it.
I provided them with all of the bodily measurements that they requested online per the ordering process, but to this day still do not understand why they cut the pant leg to the 13.5” knee circumference instead of the 16 ½” calf measurement. How you get a 16 ½” calf muscle through a 13 1/2” hole, I have no idea. From a manufacturing standpoint, it’s a real head scratcher.
I tried to work it out with them, and even took it upon myself to send the original leather pants back, ($27 additional dollars for shipping on top of the $95 I had already spent) along with a pair of my own jeans that actually fit well. They told me they received the package today 9/20/2010, and that they have no intention of “fixing” the problem, but instead they would give me a 10% discount toward an entirely new order. That in itself is the funniest thing I’ve heard this week.
Obviously these people have no idea what customer service actually represents toward a company’s success and/or failure, and apparently they don’t care.
They didn’t even say that they were going to mail either pair of pants back to me. Absolutely amazing.

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