Makeyourownjeans.comPeople like them are a disgrace to their country and to business on the net in general

I sent measurements per their specifications. The jeans I got were 1/2″ to 3″ off in many areas. Multiple emails to them regarding the problem get boilerplate responses or “We didn’t get your previous email due to technical difficulties, please resend. We await your prompt response.”
Also, they charged me more than what my invoice shows, including some fee CBC fee. False advertising on website states: Get Tailor Made Jeans As Per Your Specifications Starting at $49, Customize your measurements as below. We make them to fit your needs, your measurements, your special requirements. All our garments are hand cut and individually sewn, as a testimony with and made products they may sometimes differ slightly with the measurements submitted, however as we check each product individually the difference will not be much.
Company finally answered asked me for measurements where they were wrong (which I did in 3 previous emails), they told me they sent the right size, to look at the writing on the inside of the jeans and that jeans will stretch! How absurd is that…I can’t even zip them shut. I also have photos with a measuring tape showing they are liars. I’ll never do business with them or an overseas company again. So much for helping the global economy. Have filed a report with my credit card, the FTC, here, BBB and several other places. Here is part of email they sent, stating the size I ordered for waist…take a look at what it actually came in as. I can’t close the zipper, certainly won’t get them to stretch almost 3″ more!
“We rechecked our Cutting report and find that:- 1. The waist measurement you have given is 28 inches and our designers have made it 28.5 inches.You can see on the reverse side the waist measurements it is infact cut more than what the waist you have given. You can measure the waist again from the button to the button eye hole stretching it fully.The jeans will become more loose as you wear them. 2. The Front Rise measurement you have given is 10 inches and our designers have made it accordingly. You have ordered stretch jeans, they stretch when you wear. All stretch jeans are made this way. Let us know where are we wrong in following your Measurements.” And of course they go by paperwork, I have the actual finished, incorrect product.

They have yet to respond to two photo evidence I have sent them or offered my money back. They think because they’re in India they’re not reachable but they are wrong. I’m filing a complaint with their local police department, high court and anyone else I can write to. People like them are a disgrace to their country and to business on the net in general. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!


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