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We purchased a Magnavox 42MF230A/37 a couple of years ago. The begining of this year, we started getting a color band on top and we would turn the TV off for a couple of minutes and it would be okay for awhile. We noticed this more frequently and then after awhile the screen went blank, we would have sound but no picture. We took it to a reputable repair shop and they said that they are unable to get parts. I called Customer Service and all they gave me was an address for me to send a written complaint. We have several tv's in our home (some are 15 years old) and we have never had to have them repaired. All I want is for Magnavox to step up to plate and address all of these complaints that are on this website.


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      Apr 06, 2009
    Magnavox - Phillips / Magnavox LCD TV37MF337
    United States

    37" HD LCD-TV

    First one lasted two days, then died with burning smell. This, in life, is what is called a 'clue'. I should have spent the extra $150 for the Sony or Panasonic, or samsung, sharp...

    New one seemed fine for about a year. Has two software bugs...there are two channels with weird numbers you cannot delete. Numbers like 87.65532 (not your normal qam channel number). Firmware reset/update did not help. Also the TV refuses to sleep and/or wake up if these is a signal on the HDMI port (satellite box).

    Two weeks ago, sound started getting hissy, and you can hear a capacitor singing.

    Now the sound has stopped working altogether (alas, the capacitor sings no more).

    Don't waste your money on Magnavox junk.

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      Jan 21, 2010
    Magnavox - update
    United States

    Just want to update from a previous complaint, My problem was satisfactorily taken care of by Magnavox. They replaced all the parts for free, even though I was 1 month past the warranty. However, it did take about 2 months to get fixed and I had to pay $90 to the repair Co. Magnavox also payed for the labor which was only supposed to be a 3 month warranty. My TV is a 52"LCD. I will say that it did take several letters and phone calls and that I talked to them politely, (very hard to do!), They replaced everything on the TV before they got it fixed right, so I basically have a new TV, (The parts and labor would have cost me more than what I paid for the TV...$1700+ tax). When its working the TV has 1 of the best pictures I've seen. I have to wonder though, the new TV only lasted 13 months, How long will the "new" repaired 1 last?? Its been another 8 months now, if it goes again I know they wont pay. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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      May 18, 2011
    Magnavox - Beware
    United States

    I bought a Magnavox Blu ray Player on Ebay. The product works perfectly but I can only stream VUDU on it. Nowhere on the box does it say that you can only use VUDU and not Netflix. I have a subscription to Netflix and had I known that I could only use VUDU i would have never bought it. I called Magnavox and asked them to exchange it for a product that plays Netflix and they refused. It is a scam between 2 companies to make you use a crappy product. VUDU is a rip off and the only way they get customers is by forcing people to use their product because you have no options. Magnavox will not stand behind their product.

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