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A postcard arrived today, with text as follows:
Dear Customer: thank you for participating in our program. As of this date, we have not received your remaining balance for the magazine/s you have ordered. The payment that was made to the solicitor was a down payment and our office copy of the recipt indicates a BALANCE DUE as shown above. As your "mail-in" copy states, your order is processed only after the "mail-in" balance is received in our office. Please include a copy of your receipt and this card along with your payment and mail to the address below. This is necessary for our office records. Most publishers ask to allow 90-190 days for service to begin from the date of final payment. Sincerely, Customer Service.
Flord Agency P.O. Box 480309 Delray Beach, Fl, 33448

There is a big bold print statement on top of that green postcard: Your balance is PAST DUE.
The front of the card, in addition to (correct) address and name, boasts letter/number code FC59294; Nick Fun Puz & Gms 6; Total $24.95; Balance $9.95.And: "Thank you for participating in our program. Please see the other side of this card to view important information regarding your order.

Small problem: No order was EVER placed. No downpayment was EVER made. No solicitor was EVER seen, and s/he left NO copy of ANYTHING.

Advice: If you receive a "past due" notice from Flord Agency in Delray Beach, Florida - think: have you REALLY ordered any magazines from that fraudulent and scamming outfit?


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      Feb 21, 2008
    Magazine Subscription - Taking Money out of my account
    1101 e wooster st
    Bowling Green
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I was called by someone from this company they asked me for my address and my account number then they stole money out of my account. I said I di dnot want to take the magazine but they already had my account number and the money was taken out of my account.
    His name is Larry Alexander and I am very upset about the treachry that has happened to menad I want all my monry place back in my account.

    I willcall tomorrow and I want my money remimbursed. This is unfair andI feel like I am being taken advantage of

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      Sep 25, 2009

    It wasn't the company. It was the solicitor. He probably made up an address to scam a sale and that address happened to belong to you.
    Never blame it on the company. It's not their fault. They arn't the ones taking the orders and going door to door...The solicitors are independent contractors through the company.

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