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Macy's / harassed by an employee for my parents

1 7804 Abercorn Ext.Savannah, GA, United States
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My name is Dominic. I am 14 years old and I have a complaint for Macy's. I was harassed by an employee on October 31, 2015, at the Macy's store in the Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah, Georgia. What happened was that after I purchased a water bottle from an employee, the employee who works at the shoe counter went up to me and asked for my parents in a mean way. I told him that my dad was in the mall, but he yelled at me and threatened to call security. I panicked and I ran into the mall. I called my dad, and he took me to the store to see the employee. He was on the phone with security talking about me. When he saw my father, he hanged up and my dad confronted him. They got into an argument, with the employee insisting that I'm too young to be in the store, and my dad told him that I was old enough. My mom took me to Macy's a couple weeks later, and when we were leaving, that same employee looked at me from the shoe counter and was about to run and yell at me! Another thing that made me mad is that unlike the other Macy's employees, he doesn't have a name tag, so I don't know his name, but I will give a physical description. He is African-American, he looks old, and he has a afro. I've walked right past security guards multiple times, and they never did anything to me. Why would a SALESPERSON who works at the SHOE COUNTER harass me for my parents!? That's security's job, not his! I'd sue Macy's and that employee, as well as the mall owner (GGP) if I could. Until this employee gets fired or quits, I am NEVER setting foot in this Macy's store AGAIN!!!

Jan 3, 2016

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