LuckyVitamin.comdishonest & terrible customer service

I ordered 12 bottles of one supplement. Two days later I received a partial shipping notice. They shipped only 4 bottles and put 8 on back order. Note that nowhere during the check-out process they bothered informing me that the product I was ordering, in fact, was out-of-stock. It took them TWO days to do so. They never asked my confirmation for the partial shipment. I would have cancelled the whole order if I had known. I had limited time for shipment to arrive and any delay was unacceptable for me.
The customer service was not willing to correct their fault. I suggested that they shipped the remaining bottles by a courier or shipped to my new address, but received "NO" answer to both proposals. I escalated to the manager. While talking to me, the manager cancelled the remainder of the order WITHOUT asking my confirmation! Again, instead of proposing solutions, he said "NO" to all my my attempts to solve the problem THEY caused! On top of it, he had to figure out how to refund the shipping cost associated with the cancelled portion of the order.
The shipping charge is OUTRAGEOUS! While other companies (like iHerb) charge fixed price per order ($4 for USPS or $12 for FEDEX), LuckyVitamin "offsets" their "low" prices by ripping us off with inflated shipping charges.
The shipping is very slow: I already receved my order from other company, which I placed three days after this one, but LuckyVitamin's order has not arrived. The other company used the same shipping method.
Definitely, that was my first and last purchase from LuckyVitamin.

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