I Was on the eBay website yesterday and saw a product gluten free organic sprouted black eye peas
The price £5.99 product provided by Lucky vitamin shipping 31 Jan to 8 February 2017
I thought I would purchase it as product is difficult to find .

However when I got to the last page for checkout on eBay which summarises the cost I noticed the shipping charges were £23 for shipping for an item that only cost £5.00.

I thought this was mad additionally the shipping time to receive this item earliest is the 31 Jan 2017

So instead of pressing the pay now button I back spaced to see if this some kind of error I certainly was not going to purchase this item st this shipping rate having found this shipping rate to be accurate I decided not to purchase

Just by chance I checked my emails a few minutes later and an email from this company and eBay saying I had purchased this item
Immediately I went into my account saw the status not dispatched and went to cancel the order
A note popped up, 'should be able to cancel this order' then when I went to cancel it states sorry to late to cancel this order
I called eBay who advised me to email the seller through there website which I did straight away I checked my bank account money has been requested not taken

Hours late in the evening received an email from this company saying it is shipping it is in shipping mode. No shipping details received from that day or the next day

Contacted Amaxon who basically stonewalled me I guess they are thinking about there commission fee I notice on account is over£9.00 of the overall cost of £28

I am still unclear why you cannot cancel a transaction less than half an hour after it is made when it has not been shipped and the money has not been claimed

Jan 19, 2017

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