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Los Defensores


Not a law firm!

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Most people don't realize is that Los Defensores (and Alivio Legal and 1-800-THE-LAW2) is NOT a law firm, it is a just a referral service to law firms. They charge as high as $5000-7000 per month for a lawyer to advertise with their service. They simply take the initial call through a call center, ask some questions, and then refer it to one of their "panel" attorneys who has paid them big bucks to get that referral. Better to get someone you know or who was referred to you for a lawyer.
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Los Defensores - Not a real law firm


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N  17th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
How terrible. I regret to hear about companies such as these...I can show you a 38 year old company, traded on NYSE (PPD), listed as #66 out of 200 Top Companies in North America by Forbes Magazine Nov 2009 issue - you don't get there by being a scam - you get there through approval of the Securities & Exchange Commission and being consistently compliant and above board. We are a glass house. www.kstatongroup.com
N  17th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Kathy, aka kstatonky, is peddling her MLM program because her Animal Industries degree apparently isn't enough to pay the bills.

She has no idea how Forbes comes up with their lists, and is falling for her own marketing rhetoric. Forbes does not rate companies out of the blue - companies apply and then are ranked against other applicants. You can be a crappy company but still be ranked if either the list is long enough or not enough applicants apply. Getting on that list has absolutely nothing to do with the SEC, however the SEC can investigate any company (on the list, or not) if securities legalities can be questioned.

An example is a national company headquartered locally that was listed for two years on the Forbes list of Top 100 Companies to Work For, then went bankrupt the following year. Investigations revealed gross mismanagement and employee layoffs in the thousands. The only reason the SEC decided to investigate that particular company was because of the method they used to structure their internal business dealings by selling parts of their company to other parts of their company.

Kathy won't respond to me, because her glass house would shatter.
N  1st of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I use to work for a lawyer referral service similar to “Los Defensores”, “Alivio Legal”, (a.k.a. Walker Advertising) and I do admit the lawyers in their services did reach out to a lot of people, but sometimes reaching out to large audience is not always a good thing, as some of their lawyers in their network were probably inadequately equipped to deal with their Latin clientel. These companies make lots of money from poor uneducated people who come into this country not understanding how our legal system works, and some lawyers know that these vulnerable people would never speak out against them because of their “illegal” status. As an operator, I felt for most of these people who knew that they were screwed over and that they had no voice or platform to speak out about their legal complications.

In fact referral services like this one spend a huge chunk of their money on ads, to pay iconic figures in the Latin community like, Jaime Jarin to convince their uneducated audience to trust them on their legal needs, when in reality, most of the lawyers in their network are ill-equipped to provide them with a Spanish speaking translator.

Be aware that referral companies in general spends millions of dollars trying to convince everyone that they have “reputable” and “honorable” people in their network, but in fact, at the end of the day, they only care about who pays into being part of their service. If you think about that, then that means your lawyer is more interested in making back his money than he is on your needs.
D  2nd of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
Yo Los yame por un axidente de bisicleta y dure 3 años y nunca resibi uns yamada solo al Principio el case number y no mas asta k les mande unable carta registrada cansrlando el servicio ls brdad que entrepreneurs mas se an unseen no sirben x si puesto k no los recomiendo*
N  25th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
El departamento de Customer Service de los defensores deja mucho de que hablar pues las mujeres que trabajan ahi son abusivas, y no tienen ni una gota de etica profesional. Porque se supone que el trabajo de ellas es proporcionarle clientes a las oficinas de abogados, y lo que hacen es solo llamar para poner en mal a la Recepcionista, a la Assistente Legal, solo porque dichas personas les caen mal, o porque no toman la informacion tan rapido como ellas hablan. Son unas ignorantes, no se ponen a pensar que talvez la Receptionista tiene otras llamadas que atender antes que ha ellas, o que las Assistentes Legales talvez estan haciendo algo urgente para sus jefes. Y lo que estas trabajadoras de customers service hacen es nada mas chismiar, y poner en mal a las asistentes legales Mientras Los Defensores, le cobran hasta $8, 000.00 mensuales a los abogados por proporcionarles los clientes . Cuota que es demasiado exagerada, este tipo de companias son en general un SCAM. O UN FRAUDE. Una vez yo les llame para que me refirieran con un abogado de Medical Malpractice, y me dejaron en la linea por dos horas, y nunca me contestaron. El govierno deberia de cerrar estas companias fraudulentas. Y EN MI OPINION Los Defensores DE BERIAN DE HACER LIMPIEZA GENERAL EN EL DEPARTAMENTO DE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Y BOTAR A TODAS ESAS MUJERES CHISMOSAS, QUE NO TIENEN NI UNA GOTA DE ETICA PROFECIONAL. Porque se supone que el trabajo de ellas es solamente proporcionarle clientes a los abogados, y no estar poniendo en mal a la Receptionista, ni a la Assistentes Legales.
A  25th of Apr, 2016 by    +1 Votes
Estas mujeres que trabajan en el departamento de custumer Service de los defensores no son personas profecionales, no saben nada de leyes, ni saben como tratar a la gente, no tienen ni idea de lo que es trabajar con el publiclo . la mayoria de ellas, hacen un trabajo mal hecho, pesimo. Porque cuando llaman hablan tan rapido que parece que las van corriendo. NO TIENEN IN UNA GOTA DE ETICA PROFECIONAL. SON MAL EDUCADAS, Y ABUSIVAS. Y LO QUE ES PEOR SON HASTA CHISMOSAS. ES MEJOR QUE VAYAN A LIMPIAR BANOS Y PISOS, PORQUE ME IMAJINO QUE NI PARA SERVIR MESAS SIRVEN.

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