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Please be really careful if you are thinking of purchase items from lookfantastic! I purchased the moroccanoil moisture repair conditioner a few days ago. I have used it for only 3 times. Two days ago the bottle was accidentally dropped from a merely 30-cm platform and to my surprise the pump dispenser just broke in half! And the entire bottle is ruined!

I have used other cheaper shampoos with pump dispensers, and this problem has never occurred before. I strongly suspect that this bottle that I have received has spent a long time in the storeroom, and is already of depreciated quality before it is sold to me. I tried to contact the contact the customer service and after 2 days of patient waiting, they replied that “a product can only be replaced if it is delivered to you damaged and cannot be replaced if damaged after delivery.”

I have had similar experiences with and and have received either a replacement or a refund f
Rom the 2 contrast, the customer service in lookfantastic has been really disappointing. After sending me a product of such poor quality, they are just trying to avoid their responsibility without even offering me an apology!

Think twice before making your purchase with lookfantastic because your basic right as a consumer to receive a product of reasonable quality cannot even be guaranteed!

It is not the money, but the ability of a company to earn consumers’ trust that matters. Unfortunately they have lost my trust.


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