Long John Silver'sdrive thru cashier

She was quite rude on the intercom at the menu where you order in the drive thru but I tried to look past that, her voice is very raspy so I thought she might be sick. When I got to the window she took my card, not a word. I got my food and asked her if I could have tartar sauce please, she said its in the bag. When I got back to work it was not. I called and asked for her manager, she said "she busy".

She was absolutely stoned out of her head, and this isn't the first time I've had the experience. The store is awful! There are enough people needing jobs that she should not be able to continue working there.

Ticket 2235
Cashier Breianne L
Store # 31548
1:46 pm

I never have complained before, not that type of person but she was ridiculous and a very bad representative for your store.

Food was good!

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