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Loan Point USA / Excessive ACH from bank account

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Loan Point USA
This company has continually performed ACH debits from my bank account causing the account to be overdrawn numerous times. The remain to continually attempt an ACH when the account is overdrawn which results in a $35.00 fee.

They will not stop.


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N  10th of Mar, 2010 by 
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Loan POint Usa
This company does not explain the details of repaying the loan you receive. They take money from your account each pay period and the amount taken is not deducted from your balance. I have had 4 payments taken from my account and still owe the original amount. This is loan sharking.Do not under ant circumstances get involved with this company.
A  14th of May, 2010 by 
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They are doing the same thing to my account. Is there any way to stop this?
A  25th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I just recently had 400 dollars swiped from my account by these charlatans!!! Filing a dispute with my bank.
A  19th of Jul, 2010 by 
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i had a loan i took out for like 236 dollars...back in 2007...and like last month they took out 400 out of my new account..wtf is up with that...and now they are harrassing me saying my client is looking to move forward with this account...hell back in 2007 i had to close my account because the over draft fees were getting too much to handle and the bank and i came to terms that we needed to close the account...i never once told them to take out 400 out of my account...only thing i know to do is try and make some kinda payment arrangements, because i don't need them to garnish my wages...but if that happened in 2007 isn't there a statute of limitations on an account of that nature?
A  31st of Jul, 2010 by 
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Hey ajones First of all I spoke to a lawyer. they CANNOT garnish your wages unless they file a lawsuit against you and it goes to court and THEY HAVE TO WIN the lawsuit first.. then they have to get a judgement to garnish ur wages... This is illegal to do. I woke up today and saw my bank was overdrawn $4OO and I never even heard of the company loan point usa until today. I contacted my bank and they are disputing the charge. I called 18003518820 which is the # for loan point and was advised to press 5 to speak to collections.. after pressing 5 I was told it is an invalid extension. I then called back and pressed 1 which i don't know what it was for but I spoke to a man who asked for my ssn to access my acct.. I explained i have no acct with them and he still insisted on gettin my ssn which i refused so he transferred me to his supervisor.. she again asked for my ssn and when i wouldn't give it hung up on me.. but not before telling me i owed them money.. how would she know this if i never gave a name or ssn? anyway.. i contacted the better business bureau and saw that this company has 45 complaints of which 36 are unresolved due to no response from loanpoint.. they also operate under the name Geneva Roth.. I contacted the FTC and Florida Attorney General.. I also contacted a lawyer in regards to a class action suit.. if you care to be involved please email me at jer_ika@yahoo.com and I will fwd any info to the attorney when they reach me.. I am IRATE and will not stop until this company is taken down.. here is the info from the BBB..

The BBB rating for Loan point USA is an F
The company has 45 complaints and 36 are failure to respond by the business
1 complaint is unresolved for other reasons

Name: Loan Point USA
Address: 2207 Concord Pike
Wilmington, De 19803
# 8003518820
Fax 8003518830
email customerservice@loanpointusa.com
They are NOT BBB accredited
web addresss www.loanpointusa.com
Additional addresses are as follows:
2425 e camelback road Phoenix, az 85016
1923 fox ridge dr Kansas city KS
6800 w 47th terr Shawnee Ks 66203-1398
4412 w 150th st Leawood KS 66224-9546
6950 w 56th st Mission Ks 66202-2590

They require a licese to practice and PROBABLY do not have one.. you can contact
The banking commision at 302-739-4235 and the Licenses, division of revenue at 302-577-8778 to verify a license..
I could not find a valid license on file
Erika Duritsky
A  4th of Aug, 2010 by 
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I had to use them for an advance almost a year ago. I only borrowed $300, and they have been taking $120 from me every month for a year! That's obviously well, over the original amount I borrowed. It has caused my account to be overdrawn on several occasions. Is there anything I can do to make them stop?
A  10th of Aug, 2010 by 
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I had several payday loans and turned them over to a consolidator 8 months ago. All have been resolved except LoanPoint. Last week I received an e-mail from my debt consolidation company with a signed agreement from LoanPoint for settlement. That SAME day LoanPoint withdrew $400 from my bank account (on top of the settlement they received) stating as I had taken out another loan from some subsidiary of theirs, they had the right to access my account and take money owed. I'm in the process now of filing with my bank, the BBB, and the banking commission. In no agreement did I give anyone unlimited access to my bank account and I have their signed settlement agreement. They are common criminals.
A  26th of Aug, 2010 by 
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Please join the crowd Today I became a victim also, if there will be a cless action suit I would join. they took 400 from my account today and I thought i did not know these people. the number on my account was different then the 800-351-8820. I first called and Sun Bank and Trust answered the phone i asked who they were and they said that they were a bank and when I asked them why they would take 400 out of my account they gave me the same number you got on here the 800-351-8820. I will be filing a dispute with my bank, the bbb, and the ftc and if a class action suit is filed I AM IN

Jackie hoskins anyone can email me if needed

A  2nd of Sep, 2010 by 
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I am having the same issues - $120 has been taken from my account 2 times per month since May...I received a $400 loan from them and tried to call them and pay it off (to get them to stop debiting my account) and they refused unless I gave them my full SSN. I told him I wouldn't do so, and he told me that I had no other options and they can continue to debit me. There has to be something that can be done! I am filing a complaint with Chase Bank (especially because this is the SECOND time, this summer, that I've had fraud on my account) and I hope they can recover the funds for me while this is investigated -- so far, I am out $1200 on a $400 loan...this is not fair.

Please keep me abreast of any further information regarding a class-action suit, etc!


Thank you!
N  24th of Sep, 2010 by 
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I just experienced the same issue today 09/24/10. Loan Point USA ACH tran $245.00 out of my account. When calling they stated took a loan out in OCt 2008. Again all of customer reps. asked me for my SS# serval times. I told them I would not give it to them and I want company to provide me copy of the contract. It needed to be faxed ASAP. I told them I have contacted my bank. They are investgating into this as well. In addition I have filed Chapter 13 in 2009. Regards less in both cases they it is illegal for them to with any money from my account. They are now forward me to a Manager who suppose to reimburse to the money by Monday. They gave me his EXT number 2230. I called serveral times it goes straight to voice mail. I can't believe they are able to get away with this crap... I will not give up until I get money back in FULL. In addition according the Banktrucy laws they can't attempt to collect debt from after the I had filed Chapter 13. We will see how this turns out for them...
A  28th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I totally agree with every comment added. These people are totally rip offs. I had took out a loan for $300 and had made the proper arrangements to have them deduct the money from my account and they did not do so. Instead they only took out$90 and extended my loan for additional 2 weeks. And on top of that, if I want to pay it in full as of today I have to pay a $90 fee just to pay my balance. Theses people are total rip offs. I will never use this company again. I pray that anyone who has a thought about doing a online payday loan seriously do their research on them before you accept any funds from them. PLEASE DO NOT BORROW FROM THIS COMPANY THEY ARE LOAN SHARKS!!!
A  7th of Nov, 2010 by 
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Include us if there is a class action lawsuit...I dont know how to get ahold of them and every other week they take 188 from out account.
Dawn Summers
A  9th of Dec, 2010 by 
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Please, please HELP ME!! and count me in on ANY law suit!!
I too like you found they debited my account for $400!! Which is causing my account to be overdrafted and of course will continue to add more fees!! I am located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and my checking account is merely 3 months old and I asked whomever she was repeatedly HOW they obtained my new information and she could never tell me how. I also kept requesting that the agreement be faxed to me and she said she could mail it out!!I also asked to listen to the recorded conversation of me agreeing to pay such high fees! I am very irate about this being near Christmas time and all and they just take my hard earned money. Then she had the audacity to tell me i STILL owed them $700 on top of the $400 taken from my account!!! These people MUST be stopped!!
my name is Deborah Jackson and can be reached at djackson5860@yahoo.com
N  10th of Jan, 2011 by 
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I have just recieved a letter in the mail from a collection co saying I owe them 1200 when I now I paid this loan this was loan i took out in july 2009 and now there saying owe them 1200 for 300 loan that was piad and the even was taken the payments from my account after i finished paying them they were still trying to get more I had to close my account and open new account to get them to stop taking my money how do these people operate business and how much are they allowed to charge in intrest rates I am tryng to find away to get a lawsuit going against them we all should get civil suit against this company to teach them a lesson
N  12th of Jan, 2011 by 
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Well have I got a good one for all of you...this company has been calling my husband for the last few days and not leaving any messages when his voicemail picks up so he wasn't answering. I took it upon myself to call the number today and found out after calling them 3 different times that he supposedly took out a loan from these people in june 2008 in the amount of $400. The woman was rude and telling me that I was yelling when I wasn't and she is the one that had the attitude with me when I was trying to explain to her that he nor I took out this loan. She then told me I should check my bank records for the date and then call her back. I called my bank and discovered that there was no such name anywhere in our account...Gee I wonder what will happen when I tell them this information. The only possibility would be that they changed names has anyone else had this happen to them? They also supposedly sent us a letter from this supposed attorney's office which I can't find anywhere online that we never received as well. Any suggestions as to what we should do???
N  14th of Jan, 2011 by 
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I took out a payday loan last year and they overdrew my account an additional 120.00 more than what i agreed. The loan was for 400.00 pluss their fee 150.00 they got all this money then took an extra 120.00 which overdrew my checking account. I got a letter today from a collection company saying I owe Loan Point 1140.00 dollars?? What the hell is this? I gave them all their money puss 12.00 and now they say i owe them 1140.00 more
A  20th of Jan, 2011 by 
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I am having the same problem. I just left my bank after closing my checking account last week because of overdraft fees, now having to close my savings which was overdrawn because they are now trying to get money from there! I will be joining in any class action suit against them. This has really put me in a bind. I checked my acct and it was overdrawn due them trying to get money twice. By the time I got to the bank which was less than 10 minutes, it had gone up $20.00 in the red! Thats three times in one day! If its not in there the first time, what the hell makes them think its going to be in there 10 minutes later! Ridiculous!
N  22nd of Jan, 2011 by 
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Everyone having issues, just do stop payments immediately after each charge. You can also have your bank BLOCK all ACH transactions, but make sure you dont have any legit ACH debits, as they will be blocked as well. With the stop payments, you can recover your money. If enough people realize they can do this, THEIR accounts will end up overdrawn instead. Also, payday loans are illegal in many states, so check into that and contact your State's Attorney General office and they may file criminal charges. In most states there is a limit to amount of interest that can be charged as well. Do your research for your area and use that knowledge when contacting the lender- they have to abide by BOTH the laws in your area as well as their own locale... We had an issue with a loan company that when reminded their services were illegal in our state of Maryland, they actually bent over backwards to meet our demands which were to return all monies they took over the actual amount lent to us - we got all fees and interest back as we held criminal charges over their headd...
N  2nd of Feb, 2011 by 
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I have been called many times from these people. They will call my home, when I answer they hang up. Then they call my cell phone. I ask for documentation of the original loan as I have never done a payday loan in my life and 2 years ago I had someone else using my identity. They tell me I need to pay it before they can get me these documents. I told them per the law the debtor needs to prove to the debtee it is a valid debt under the right person."

Since this has been an ongoing issue for 2 years let them continue to call me and dispute me on this. It is not my loan. I have disputed other companies that said was my debt by receiving the documents. I will show that information on those documents will not add up to my actual informations.

Leave me alone.
A  14th of Feb, 2011 by 
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