LivePerson / fraud

United States

Today I had been con by an "expert" which I had hired at to do my c+ assignment as he had promised at a cost of usd30. This "expert" by the name of web designer_programmer or sunny_nu (He had changed to this nick after his con job) had sent me a c+ codes which doesn't work and he claimed it does work on his computer. After I had refused to approve his invoice he started to get pushy and said he will only send me the correct solution after I paid him and gave him a good rating! I can see how this is going, him blackmailing me for more $ perhaps? So I had reported him to liveperson as well as paypal. Guess what, liveperson did have a livechat with me and asked me to wait for their reply. Which I did not receive it till I had contest the invoice in paypal. All this ends today when I had decided to let paypal decide on the outcome which I shouldn't have. Anyway, I can see that i'm bound to lose the usd30 as this was clearly a scam by liveperson website. I had went to check out the reviews of the "expert" and realised i'm not the only one who was con by him. Thus, I hope someday someone or some authority will take action and investigate this matter as it is clearly not in my league to take them on. I'm just another consumer... I hope the people who had seen this will heed my advise, not to succumb to temptation and engage any "expert" help and get your money con. If you need help, a local forum would be a better choice than talking to sweet-talkers who are not what they claimed to be... Bsc, prof... My foot.


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