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The first appt was cancelld when they called at the app time to tell me he was going to be 2 hours late i reschedule then he was 30 late which was ok but i requested an extra long hose extra filters and a nasal mask and a chin strap he came with a duffel bag an only had 1 nasal mask which didn't fit right the air wass hitting my eyes he said thats all i have and a chin strap that was a head sock which didn't fit he said ill have to check the wearhouse to see if we carry just the strap. He was more worried about filling out the paper work then properly fitting me to my cpap. . After that i called the corp office and spoke to a peter told him of these problems and not heard from him since. But the person who came to my home sent me the nasal mask and chin strap 2 days later. Still after i called the local office several times i still have not received the extra long hose and filters that i requested also i only received 1 filter and was told he was suppose to leave me with 2 the mask left a rash around my face and they still havent gotten back to me about that either i am not pleased with the service that i have or have not received and would like to go somewhere else

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      Apr 20, 2015

    This is exactly the kind of poor service I've received from the Little Rock, Arkansas Lincare office... along with multiple excuses, complete lies about having records transferred from my old Lincare office in Texas, being given conflicting answers as to whether Lincare offers liquid oxygen (I was told because I'd used liquid oxygen from Lincare ... for 10 or 11 years) ... I would be 'grandfathered' in and would be provided liquid oxygen when I moved to Little Rock. After 9 months and 3 weeks... STILL no liquid oxygen. Tried to get them to offer HomeFill concentrators in lieu of liquid oxygen... and, of course, got conflicting stories as to whether Lincare offered HomeFill. Most employees (including TWO different managers) never even heard of HomeFill and another manager thought it was the liquid oxygen program. If I had any other choice I would dump Lincare in 2 seconds. :( Do NOT use Lincare if you have any other choice. Oh... one more thing... the office I'm using has had at least THREE new managers in the 9 months I've dealt with them. Nobody ever knows what other employees have done... apparently there is zilch communication. Of course, the frequent turnover causes many of their problems, but... there must be something VERY WRONG at Lincare to have such a high rate of turnover. I've experienced the same high turnover at my previous Lincare office with all the problems high turnover brings. :(

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