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Poor customer service

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LifeWatch USA
United States
In mid. Dec 2008, i signed up my elderly mother for LifeWatch USA, after checking them out online and talking to them multiple times on the phone. The customer service has been very disappointing!

1) I was never told in multiple calls that i would need a DSL filter (she has cable TV and internet); When i finally was told about this DSL filter right when i ordered, i had to actually delay my return home to drive into town (far) where my mom lives to buy the DSL filter

from Radio Shack (good thing she had a Radio Shack in town!)

2) The equipment arrived 3 days later than i was told it would.

3) Upon receipt of the box, there was an equipment-return fee that had NEVER been mentioned in phone conversations or on website;

4) There was a photo-copied HAND-DRAWN sketch of how to hook up the unit, and NO mention or instructions on how to use the supposedly required DSL filter;

5) Different places on the website gave different promises of how far the unit "reached" in capability, and how long the battery back up would last. The girl i was talking with said they hadn't updated the website yet.

6) When i called someone about all this when my mom had finally received the unit, the first 2 people i talked to had no answers for me about these issues. I was assured the "supervisor would call me back on Monday." No one ever called. Then came multiple health

crises for 2 sets of parents and the holidays, and i set these concerns aside.

7) I phoned there again recently when my mom was in hospital very ill; i wanted to notify them; customer service ends at 5 PM! I left my name and number, and no one called back.

8)On Wednesday (Jan. 14), i called again. Pam the customer service rep was very dismissive of my questions and

suggestions, saying they were "petty"; she constantly interrupted me, was obviously eating during the call, and made little attempt to respond to my complaints. She did apologize for no one calling me back.

She said the bottom line is that my mom has the emergency system 24/7. I said that there are many companies that can do this, but what would make a company stand out is the quality of their customer service, and as far as i was concerned, they were batting zero with me right now. She said, "Other companies have a very high rate of complaints, and we charge less. Happy New year." ... and rang off.

So then I posted an email about all this directly on their website, and have never heard back from any company rep.

Here is the company's defensive response, and what i replied to them:

"by Lifewatch Management:

So what is the complaint? Are you still a customer? Did you ever ask to speak to Pams boss? You only need DSL with DSL on telephone. Maybe you didn't explain clearly what kind of phone you have. They also offer to mail one for free if you really needed it. The customer service is opened to 6pm but arrangements can be made for a call at anytime. They use UPS ground for free. If you needed it on specific day i am sure for a fee they would have guaranteed it.

The range of button is 1500feet and a five day battery back up clearly stated.

The photo copied instrction sheet is designed to be simple. They could do a complicated book with fancy print and raise the price. Is that necessary? I think simple is always better.

The first two people who answered were live receptionist and not a voice mail. You have to ask for the right person to speak to when you call a company. The first people that answer are usually not the problem solvers. much better than voicemail.

Why would Pam be eating on the phone? Maybe it was just your opinion.

Also what Pam said is true. There is only so much a company can do in respect to internet customer service. i feel lifewatch is trying really hard and is doing a great Job considering they have been in business for 28 years and this is the first complaint.

Check competitors and compare."


What is my complaint? I have stated my complaints clearly, but will try again for your sake and for that of the readers, and answer your responses one by one.

1) I repeatedly told LifeWatch what sort of computer and phone system we had, and was told i absolutely needed the DSL filter, despite having cable TV and phone. I am an experienced technology user, and the fiasco over this DSL filter was not a lack on my part.

2) There was NEVER any offer of sending a free one.

3) Customer Service might state they are open until 6 PM, but on Fridays, it's only 4 PM, and one never receives a call back when a number is left. This has happened now to me 4x. All i ever get is voice mail.

4) The range and battery back up were stated differently on different pages of the website. The rep with whom i was speaking acknowledged this, but said they had not updated the website yet. So your answer ignores the data i supplied. As of today, (almost 5 months later), your website STILL has contradictory information on separate pages.

5) The HAND-DRAWN clumsy instruction sheet DID NOT INCLUDE anything about the supposedly required DSL filter.

6) If the person i am talking with is a receptionist, it is incumbent upon HER to switch me to the right person; I, the customer, do not know who to ask for. I state my need, and she should get me the correct person to answer that need.

7) Pam was indeed eating or drinking while on the phone with me. Come now; don't be puerile. Do you think this is not possible?

8) Your many month's delayed answer online, with NO answer directly to me, even though i have emailed and called repeatedly and left my number, is indicative of your customer "service."

9) You do not leave a name nor number by which i could contact you.

Today, April 21, 2009 at 11:30 AM CST, i phoned AGAIN to LifeWatch with a need, and neither the Customer Service nor the Operator were available, which is typical of anytime i call in. They did call back within an hour, but could not take my information update over the phone. She told me to NOT use the online email form: she gave me a separate email address. So i had to call, leave a message, get called back, and then email in the information.

Am i still a customer? Yes -- Because my mom and gram have been in constant medical crises for the past 6 months, i have not yet changed companies. Next time i am at my mom's, it is likely that i will change."

In June 2009, here is what the CEO said:

"Lifewatch has answered this complaint.

We have been helping senior citizens for over 29 years. We are referred by many hospitals and healthcare orgs.

The complaint above is not related to our job of saving lives when seniors press their button, which is our main priority.

As far as customer service the CEO, Evan Sirlin can be reached directly at evan AT lifewatch.net. His policy is the customer is always right and customer satisfaction is number one.

From: Message Author

Date: Tuesday, 16-Jun-09 22:58:40 CDT"

My response to that:

The CEO has not apologized for the extremely poor customer service. Before complaints.com removed them, there were other postings that indicated the same sort of complaints about this company. My original complaint was titled "Poor customer service" -- and that has NOT been addressed.

June, 2010: Here is what the CEO says now:

"Complaints board did ask us to contact you and see if you still have a complaint? if you still are a client etc..

We have improved in all areas you mentioned a year ago. We apologize and have learned alot of lessons. Look at all the comments that came after your complaint. We continue to grow and improve our customer service. Evan AT lifewatch.net"


My reply: I am not a customer anymore because my mom passed away. The website is updated now, as of 2010. Altho this happened some while ago, i would encourage others to use caution when dealing with this company. I myself would be very hesitant to use them again.
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N  29th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
This complaint is over 2 years old and is the only one posted for LifeWatch. If that's true, and you haven't received any more complaints about them, I think you should remove this one because it's so outdated.
N  29th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
August 29, 2012

I respectfully disagree. While indeed this is over 2 yrs old, it helps to warn consumers that this company had significant Customer Service problems in the past. This would alert the consumer that s/he must carefully evaluate this company before using them.


N  29th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
August 29, 2012

Willowwald2, who are you? You just joined ComplaintsBoard.com today, and you are commenting on something that you have no experience with? Are you just browsing complaints and commenting on them? Or, are you a LifeWatchUSA employee, trying to negate my original review?

A  28th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Hello, I just got my mother the GPS alert. After speaking with a salesperson and ordering the unit, it didn't arrive for a week and it wasn't charged to my credit card. I called twice, leaving messages, and sent an email. Eventually I got through to a salesman who had the unit sent overnight (took two days to arrive) and my credit card was charged. They had apparently written my phone number down incorrectly on the sales information. This doesn't explain the unreturned calls when I had left my contact info again. They also had my mother's home address written incorrectly.

The response by the medical alert responders is excellent.

The response by customer/tech services continues to be very poor. I NEVER get through to anyone directly, only the phone answering service. Right now I'm calling their tech services to find out why the GPS reporting webpage has had my mother located about a mile down her street for two days when she is at home answering her phone. Also, the battery is supposed to be good for 5 days, yet it needs charging every day. Naturally, I've reached the answering service.
N  28th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Just got a call back within 2 hrs of leaving a message, so that's good. They are looking into the problem with the GPS locator now.
A  28th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
jan. 28, 2013

So, it seems that their customer service has not improved much in the past few years.


kathy r.
N  6th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Had a good experience today. Called mid-afternoon during the week, got thru to tech support, and had a nice person give a reasonable explanation for why the GPS monitoring screen is not properly recording my mother's home location. The alert response people do have her correct address, so all is well. Next time I'm out there, I am to call back in and ask tech support to run some diagnostics.
N  20th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
OK, time for an update :-) Diagnostics have been run. Things are going well, my mother's GPS home position is showing up correctly on the website, I've been able to reach tech service directly, and when not, I'm getting same day return calls. I like this GPS medical alert and my mother likes it too. I love that she can call in if she gets turned around or confused while driving. The device itself is very light weight and it's good it is available now for medical alert use. One side has two charging points, the other side has the alert button and the on/off button. I hope future designs for the front will look more streamlined - the current surface face has several button-like features that are not functional and could distract a confused senior. I put red tape around the alert button and told my mother to use the "red button" to get help.
N  5th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
As a LifeWatch USA employee, I can tell you that we do everything to satisfy our customers. I and the other customer service supervisors know many customers by name and give out our personal cell phones to call at odd hours. We actively pursue complaints and always adjust company policy to meet customer needs. I am unhappy to hear the negative experiences that people have had. We pride ourselves on treating our subscribers like family, so all complaints are treated very seriously. We genuinely care. If you are having any issues with the service or with the company in general feel free to contact me at 800-716-1433 x138 or email at alex@lifewatch-usa.com. All feedback is appreciated. We do not lock our customers into contacts, you can cancel at any time. We have in home units for every type of phone service, GPS units, VOIP units, multi lingual services, and match or beat any of our competitors. I started taking care of my mother at a young age. She was in a bad car accident at 60 and succumbed to dementia a few years after. It was that experience that led me to LifeWatch. I chose this company because of what we do, we care for and save lives. It is not possible to last in this business unless you are a caring and patient person. So, when I hear these things, it bothers me, not because of the company's reputation but because all of us here genuinely care for our customers welfare and happiness. Again, feel free to contact me with any issues.
N  5th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
My mother ordered the Lifewatch. We set it up today & called several times for customer tech support. 4 hours later, we still have not received a phone call. If this is the type of service we'll be getting, we may return this & save that $35 a month!
A  27th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
We ordered one for my dad and the only thing I learned was that they had a great billing department, they never were a day late drafting my account but as to getting us the service we were paying for you could just forget it. I ask them who would be responsible if my dad needed help and the unit that I had complained about did not work, I went for several months without any contact other than a on time draft from my account; finally the banks changed all their debit cards and we were to notify anyone that we were paying by draft so I naturally did them like they did me and provided no service. In October I received a nasty letter telling me that my account was in collections...go figure They cared nothing about my dad having a working unit but they wanted their money!
A  31st of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
Wow, sounds like a terrible company to due business with. I was thinking of getting the service but have read way to many horror stories. Good ridden!
A  24th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!! They called our house and someone talked to my 20 son and they pressured him to sign up for his grandmother. He was stupid to say yes and they took his debt card number and when I found out I told my son to change his debt card. The alert necklace came in the mail. We did not want this. I tried to call the company at their support number and could not get thru - to 800-716-1433. Then we put box away and forgot about it, we never even opened the box. Then 6 months later they sent a letter saying my son's name was in collections. Took me a while to get a hold of them and when I did they say we owe $244.65 for 6 months of having the neckless at our home. They are not an above board company - they did not send bills or anything to our house for the last six months. DO NOT do Business with them. This is not a good honest company. They are tricksters. I am going to contact my lawyer about this bill.
N  27th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
Final update. Lifewatch USA must contract out the actual 911 service to another company because that part of the program is excellent, but their customer service is predicated on LYING to the customer. The customer service people from this company began calling my 90 year old mother, demanding she provide a credit card number as the "monthly bill was due." I am the person on record for the bill paying. They didn't call me. My mother assured them the bill was paid in full for a year and not due for another two months. They argued with her. She declined to give them her credit card information. When I called them last week to let them know I would not be renewing the annual contract, they lied to me and insisted I had signed up for a 2 year contract. When I said show me the signature, they responded they would email me a pdf. They called back, leaving a message they needed my email address to send me the document, then left another message admitting there was no signature on a 2 year contract and that the service would be terminated when they receive the equipment back. I am looking into MobileHelpNow.com because they offer, in addition to a GPS mobile unit, a "fall button" that automatically calls the help center when it detects a fall.
N  14th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
Worst customer service. No call back for 4.5 months. Unauthorized charges continue!!! Ridiculous!!!

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