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Lifestyle Family Fitness / Lawsuit in progess, they are stealing my money!!

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First off if anyone is thinking about joining this gym, DO NOT DO IT!!!!

My husband and I joined the gym in January and decided in June to cancel. We tried once and we were charged the next month, which when we enrolled, we paid for our last month up front so there was NO reason for them to charge us. So, my husband went back in and apparently the disenrollment didn't go through, so he had to sign a little pin pad device and that was it. That was back in JUNE! This is now NOVEMBER and they are illegally taking money out of our account every month!!

So, the next month after he went in and cancelled he asked why it was still being taken out. They couldn't give an answer because we were out of their system since we disenrolled. So, my husband called the 1-800 number which is located in Florida and asked to talk to someone about why money was still being taken out. They kept giving him the run around so finally he demanded to talk to someone higher up. He left a message and it was never returned. We called for about 2 months and finally decided to get our Attorney General in on this. About 3 weeks ago, they called to leave a message and told them they had 1 week to respond or they would go further with the case. 1 week later, no response. So, they sent them a Certified Letter demanding a response within a week. 2 weeks later, NO RESPONSE!!!! Today, money was taken out of our account for the 6th month in a row. Each time it was taken out under a different # and name so it was impossible for the bank to block AND for different amounts each time so they can't even go off of the amount. Today, it went through as a "Utility Phone Payment" how sick and twisted is that???!

The Attorney General of Ohio is now putting together a lawsuit for us and anyone who this has happened to, so PLEASE reply or send me an e-mail if this has happened to you!!!

They are thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Li
      28th of Nov, 2007
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    Lats month isn't the last month of your contract, after you cancel. It is a prorated due for the current month and first month is the coming month's dues.

  • Ni
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    I am looking for a gym to join. I refuse to sign a contract because I am military and I don't want to have to go through something like this. I had a baby earlier this year and I am struggling with losing the weight on my own! I don't have the discipline. I want to hire a personal trainer... How would you rate the overall club? Staff? Training/workout sessions? Do you have to provide them with your account info for automatic payments? Why don't you just close out your account... New acct #'s to beat them at their game? I hope everything works out for you!!!

  • Ri
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    early in Nov. I presented the Lifestyle gym with two letters of resignation , myself and my wife. WE both undersood the terms of the contract ie 6o days and the other yada. however when the charges continued I called to get some recourse. At all levels both local and corporate the responce was the same don't have a record ,sorry , we are going to continue to take your money. So now registered letters with signatuure have been sent to both locations. Hopeful Yes Confident No However debit card is set to expire soon . Sorry Nikki closing 20 year old accounts just doesn't make sense . Is there anyone ot there?

  • Ri
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    60 days advance notice for cancelling your membership? Whats up with that? If they require 60 days notice then why do they require your first and last month fees up front? Who decides they don't want to be a member 60 days out unless they are moving? Sounds like LSFF is ripping people off.

  • Be
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    Hello Jenn Musick,

    My name is Ben Jennings and I recently bought a 4 week personal traininer on January 11th and then realized on January 14th I wanted my money back. I have been told several things first off they would have my money back in 2 weeks and then after the two weeks I was told in 30 days. Here it is, tomorrow being February 14th and I have still have yet to receive my money back of $288. This is absolutely ridiculous! I have spoke to several people at Henderson Road Lifestyle where I purchased this transaction at and they are no help. I have called the 1-800-881-8755 number numerous times trying to find answers at there so-called customer service and have had no luck. I feel like I have got scammed out of my money and I don't know what else to do. I am a resident here in Columbus, OH and I want your input to see what else necessary steps I need to do to get my money back! I feel that 30 days is long enough! Thank you for your time!

    Ben Jennings

  • Ab
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    Lets get one thing everything before you sign! There is nothing that Lifestyle does that any other gym does not do! Cancels need to be done in person at any gym and can be done at the front desk...make sure you recieve a copy. You CAN NOT just send a letter unless its certified and sent to the home office. YOU WILL NOT BE CANCELLED UNLESS YOU DO IT IN PERSON! This is to protect people that are on a family membership, many times stuff happens, people break up or get divorced and want to cancel their significant other.....Lifestyle is only trying to protect their members. Last off as you can read its easy to blame someone else for your mistakes. Remember when you point to someone else there are 3 fingers pointing back at you!

  • Al
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    I have NEVER signed a contract with Lifestyle Family Fitness and they are taking money out of my account!!! I've never even worked out there as a trial or anything! My gym closed and transferred my membership to Lifestyle, which ended two months later. I thought nothing of it because the letter I recieved stated.."All existing Fusion Fitness monthly membership rates will be honored at Lifestyle Family Fitness' Bradenton club. Lifestyle will also honor all prepaid memberships for the duration of the remaining contract period, up to a maximum of 12 months. If you are paying on a monthly basis, Lifestyle Family Fitness will begin billing your account. Personal training contracts are also being transferred to Lifestyle." . No where in here does it say that I had to cancel a membership that was already concluding, yet that is what I'm told on the phone. I've talked to three different people and Ron is the only one who told me that when everthing transferred, Lifestyle was going to convert my membership to a month-to-month. I never received notification stating that fact and when I read the above to him over the phone, he told me (w/o laughing) that that is exactly what it states. I HAVE NEVER VOLUNTARILY BEEN A MEMBER OF THIS CLUB!! I FEEL LIKE MY BANK ACCOUNT'S BEEN KIDNAPPED!!! Also, all three times I was told that it was only $26.61 and that I was getting a great deal, so I should be happy. Can this really be legal? Does anyone out there have a similar story? Reply or e-mail please!!!

  • Ke
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    I complained to the manager at lifestyles because of the mold in the sauna was there for 3 months and it made me sick to use it. He had sympathy for my plight and said they were working on getting it fixed.

    I explained that they said that a month ago when I complained then and that if it wasn't fixed I would start telling the other customers that they should complain also and then maybe something would happen.

    Something did happen, he told me that he didn't like my attitude and that I was insiting riots and I would not be allowd back into the gym.

    I came back a couple of days later and was threatened with a police escourt of I didn't leave. I called the branch office at 1800 and they sided with them but they gave me my months money back.

    I told them this is not some comunist country that they can just throw you out if you have a legitimate complaint about a facility, the woman stated that we reserve the right to deny service for any reason.

    What kind of country did this turn into when the consumer lost all rights to complain about services even unhealthy services like a moldy sauna?


  • Al
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree, Lifestyle is a huge scam. I signed up on my initial visit since there was the Comfort Guarantee. The only thing is that you have to come at least once a week for the first four weeks, which they do not tell you.

    That said, I did happen to read the fine print and came at least once per week. But this is where the scam comes in. The manager, Andrew, who signed me up on several instances let me pass by the desk and said he already had me checked in, so he never scanned my card.

    Now they have no record of me coming in during the last two weeks because Andrew wasn't checking me in after all. On top of that, Lifestyle is saying they will take out an additional payment which will happen in ten days, so I'll have membership for over 2 months after I canceled it. Huge scam

  • Ma
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    They are truly SCAMS! They train them not to really go over the cancellation policy...
    They have these young adults who really have no business in sales - they love to scam college students especially.
    My advise to you is to have your own gym at home. Save your money$$$

  • Ca
      23rd of Aug, 2011
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    Going to lifestyle Fitness is like Hoetel California.You can get in, but you have a terrible time getting out.They will have 3 people come in the room to say"why".."why not now", o, 'Oh, go get her a Lifestly towel"..Yippee. And they say just sign here, you don't have to read all that.Oh, yes, you do, because what they say does not match the paper work, that they just coerced you(me)to sign.Firast of all, they say oh, you can't have the money back guarantee because you didn't come once a week.They were told that I would be out of town .So, Sasha said if you come once that is enough.And than when you do want to cancel, they offer a few months at half price, but you have to wait for their email.And you wait.And than they forget that they offered a few months.They say'We'd never offer that.."To which I reply, but you still haven't given me any half off and why are you taking $52 instead of the monthly $37.Aand than they send you on a rabbit trail about how all the fees are up front.But I was told there were "no fee", that is what convinced me to sign up.Finally, after emails and forbidding them from going into my bank account, I go to the bank.They were able to retrieve $145, with a loss of $ 152 still. and I am going to get it!!The bank said "why didn't you come much sooner?I said, I just thought they would do the right thing.."How do they get away with it.As I was sending a registered letter to Lifestyle(of which I receieved no response...or apology ), the clerk said that she had the same problem with Lifestyle and told them that her sttorney would contact them.Then they stopped taking her money out of her account.Why have they not been stopped.They are predators.I will tell all of my friends, even strangers.I don't want anyone to get ripped off by them like I was.Good luck.

  • Wh
      14th of Feb, 2012
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    I also have tried to cancel and they give me the same lines. They will bill me one more time because I need to give 60 days notice. I have since disputed charges with my credit card company and have changed account numbers so they cannot take any more money from me again. i originally joined California Fitness and they said they took over their contracts. They selectively follow the contract. I orignally joined at a fixed rate that would not go up as long as I am a member. Lifestyle raised my rates 3 times in the past two years. Then they closed the gym that I have been going to and transferred me to one that is 18 miles away. Since they are not honoring my oringinal contract to the letter, they have breeched the contract and is invalid. I do not have to honor their 60 day cancellation policy. They also do not have on file a contract with my signature that I have agreed to theri terms. They said it is not necessary because they took over the previous one. If a contract is going to be followed then follow it to the letter otherwise come up with another one that we both can agree on and I will sign a new one.

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