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I visited Lifestyle Fitness Center, because the sign said that they were waiving the enrollment fee for a limited time.I had broken my finger, was wearing a cast, and explained to the Manager that I met with, that I was seeing a a couple days, and would call and let her know when I could join.She agreed to hold the paperwork, and do nothing until I called.Two days later I learned that it required surgery, pins, pain meds., and large cast, with at least two mos.healing time.-I called and canceled completely.I was told that she wasn't in, so asked if she had voice mail-NO.I told them to be sure to give her the msg.I called again the next day, just to make sure.Same thing.The next day, a guy called to see when I was coming in for my session with a personal trainer.Again I explained.He apologized, and said that it was a mistake.-He said the same thing the next time that he called, and the next.Three mos.later, I ended up with overdraft fees, which was a big surprise since I wasn't even using the acct.I learned that they were continually taking money from my acct.close to $200.00, which caused the overdraft fees.After contacting them, I was told that they had 'NO MANAGER" in their facility, and that I needed to contact their corporate office, which gave me the runaround for over an hour.Then was told that I was required to send them a 'CERTIFIED LETTER"-which they 'TOLD" me about on the first day, and was in my contract, because 'THEY ALWAYS DO THAT!!!" -I didn't even leave with any paperwork!!!

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  • Au
      Jul 10, 2009

    Gyms are so famous for this kind of crap! File complaints with your state's attorney general and with the

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  • Ca
      Jul 26, 2009

    I work for them and can tell this is one sided. No one leaves with out paperwork. You must intial that the cancellation must be done in person. People have cancelled boyfriend, girlfriend ect. in the past. you must get off your butt and come down to the place you came to in the first place and cancel. It's quick and easy if you follow the rules.

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