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A Vaughan, ON Review updated:

I just got married on May 16th 2009, things have been very busy and our budget has been tight with expenses of owning a house. I bought a BRAND NEW Samsung fridge from the Leon’s store in Vaughn located at 299 Bass Pro Mills Drive Concord, ON L4K5Z6 [protected] on Febuary 21st 2009 and got it delivered to my house on May 3rd 2009.
I only had the fridge for 1 month & 2 weeks when the fridge died on June 28th so everything in my fridge went bad. The ironic thing is that I was planning for a Canada Day party. So the money I spent on burgers, ribs, chicken, cheese, icecream, deserts and the others various items that had to be kept frozen & refridgerated went bad.
On June 29th I called Leon’s to tell them that the fridge had broken a person of the name Cathy who I spoke too said that someone from Direct Energy will give me a call the same day and book an appointment to come and see the fridge. I waited all day that day and no one called me. I was very frustrated that no one called. On Tuesday I got my wife to call Leon’s to find out what happened. Cathy said that Direct Energy should give us a call on Tuesday now. Eventually Direct Energy called me and I booked an appointment with them on Thursday July 2nd 2009. The person showed up that morning and told me that the compressor is broken. He then told me that it will take 3-4 days to order the part to fix the fridge. I was very frustrated with that answer. I went to Leon’s the same day to complain to them about them selling me a lemon of a fridge. The assistant manager named Gary, was very rude to my wife & myself and told us that they can do nothing for us and just wait for Direct Energy to fix the fridge, I was not very happy with that answer. From that point I thought that I will never buy anything from Leon’s again, they do not stand by their word of pleasing the customer. When Gary said that is was like they were really nice to you when you want to buy something from them but when you have the product they do not care about anymore or want to help you solve the problem.

Now it has been over a week now and I still don’t have my frigde fixed. I called Samsung & Leon’s today July 6, 2009 they do not want to help me out in replacing the lemon of a fridge I bought from them. Again I called direct energy today and I found out that they have the part to fix the fridge but I have to wait until next Thursday July 16th for a person to come and fix the fridge.

This is very frustrating that’s making my wife & myself very upset. No one wants to want to sympatize with you, I keep on telling every person I talk to at these companies “How would you feel if you had no fridge for 3 weeks!” but no one seems to care. It basically sounds like “Oh just deal with it”.

Get the word out that Leon’s, Samsung & Direct Energy has lousy customer care.
They Do Not Stand by the products they sell.


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      Jul 13, 2009

    Leon's Furniture - Samsung Electronics Canada

    Thanks to Leon's quick response to Mr Aaron Chin's service issue, Samsung Canada dispatched our Field Engineering team to verify the symptom of failure within 24 hours.

    It was determiened that Mr Chin's refridgerator had a non repairable gas leak concealed within the walls of the fridge and therefore deemed non repairable.

    With the assistance from both Leon's and Samsung Service Departments, the unit has been exchanged for Mr Chin.

    Thank you
    Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.

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      Sep 10, 2010

    I bought sofa and a bed set from Leon's located in Southside Edmonton.

    The sofa came with a broken leg and bed set came with totally broken foot board.
    I notified them after it is delivered. They say things will be replaced between 4-6 weeks.
    I am waiting for sofa leg 10 weeks and for foot board for 8 weeks. Still there is no sign of replacement.

    I phoned them to take return of bed since I cannot use it without foot board. They asked for re-stocking fees. Now what is my fault ...

    Paid the money, didn't sleep on the bed for a day, now they are not taking it back ...


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