Leon's Furniture / extended warranty / product support

Br Mar 21, 2016 Whitby, ON

So we bought a brand new fridge and stove from Leon's furniture Feb 2014 and purchased an extended warranty (additional 4 years) as the stove was an induction Samsung unit which cost at the time $1899 last Friday (week ago today) I was heating up the oven for dinner and " BOOM" the bake element goes out of it. Now with this new technology at Samsung in there ultimate wisdom the stove/oven would not even operate without the bake element.
Stoveless ... Tried to buy a bake element everywhere and no can do, called Leon's finally on Saturday and they say we need to call extended warranty but they would leave a message to call me. Monday rolls around at 5:00pm and I call back to Leon's inform them that nobody has called they put me on hold inform me they will address with extended warranty. Tuesday I call back nobody called yet, Wednesday I call inform nobody contact me yet, Thursday very irate (day 6 with no stove) informed once again by Leon's they will contact extended warranty and after 8 calls into Leon's today at 1:50pm I get a call informed they will repair on Monday. Riddle me this how do you pay big bucks for an item from Leon's and pay extra for top notch service with an extended 4 year warranty and receive a response of 10 DAYS before they get it repaired with something that isn't usable until it's repaired. I can tell you this I will never buy another Samsung appliance and I will never pay for an extended warranty again. What happened to the days where the element burns out and you just use the broil burner or could use the stove at least to cook your family dinner and pick one up at your local Canadian tire store and replace for 35$
Leon's furniture's extended warranty is a complete waste of time and remember this if your in need of a new stove what out for a Samsung I wouldn't recommend !

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