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Leon's Furniture / customer service very unhappy

1 140 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
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I was at Leon's on Monday December 10th specifically looking for a TV stand I went to your electronic section of the store and I asked if there were any chocolate brown TV stand that I could look at there weren't any on the floor so Asked me if I was interested in looking online . I agreed and found one that I liked t was the Fairfield 54" TV Credenza - Espresso he made a call to see if was in stock they said yes but explained that it wasn't assembled. I asked him if I came back in a few days could he have it assembled so I could look at it and he said no they don't do that. He gave me a print out of the TV stand and sent me on my way. I began to browse a bit more and another associate from the main floor asked me if I was finding everything ok I explained what took place and she said "Don't mind him he"S new" She paged him and asked him " Do you want me to show you how to get stuff out of the warehouse ? He said ok so him and I went to the warehouse and it was a box not assembled. I left disappointed 😔
I went back on On December 12th 2019 and I went to electronics and asked the same associate from the other day if he was able to get that stand assembled and he said no. ... ??? So I began browsing in the ASIS section and I became interested Ina TV stand that was marked down from 798.00 ( I think) .
It was pretty scratched up and I knew it would take some work so I spoke to a sales associate about coming doWn on the price she politely explained that it just went out on the floor that day and that there wasn't anyway to bring down the price. I'm a frequent shopper/buyer at Leon's and I had never seen her before so I'm assuming she was new to the position. I proceeded to Customer Service and asked the ladies the same question and they explained that they don't do that sort of thing. I asked her if I could speak to a more seasoned associate because in the past I have negotiated a floor model armoire for my bedroom set and it wasn't a problem. The lady in customer service paged the next available associate and asked "what can I do for you?" I explained and he ripped the paper out if my hand and told me "Look at this (pointing to the date it was put on floor "What do you expect? " I told him about about my armoire and he said I've been here for 19 years and I've never seen this His tone was rude I don't like things snatched out of my hands and I surely don't appreciate being spoken down to. I am a women of African ancestry and within the last few years I just started going back to Leon's after the lawsuit against them. I'm a good customer and I spend a Lot of money at Leon's I feel disrespected and I don't appreciate this treatment. Please respond PROMPTLY!

Leon's Furniture

Dec 15, 2018

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