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Lend America / No loan after receiving approval status-plus lend america officers rude and ignoring/deleting e-mails without being read

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I started the loan process with Lend America in April of 2008, was approved and it was one stall after another, (supposedly, all my loan application and private information was lost, (which was completely unprofessional and I am not sure that I can believe that to begin with and if they did, they have allowed my private and confidential information to be assessible to anyone) (Thanks for that Lend America) another company bought out who they were getting the loans from, and then finally, when I kept calling and e-mailing the underwriter and the loan processor, Lisa Staab began deleting my e-mails without being read and Lisa and Ronny both ignoring my calls, it has been 9 months after the commercial said it would be 3 days if you were approved. Ha Ha Ha to that pack of lies and FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. The loan officer was Lisa Staab and the underwriter was Ronny Ojenski who are poor business people going by how I was treated.
I then got on line and contacted John Lavallo who is in the communications department at Lend America who acted as if he would look into it, which he did and e-mailed me back, and said they would be contacting me and taking care of things. Well, they did contact me to say they were sorry about the delay and that Him and Lisa would be getting my file and get going with it. Well, That was it. I have tried contacting them and all I receive is nothing.
If Lend America is not going to do what they say, then take your ads on the television and stop taking advantage of people who are well paying for your services in the amount they are charging for processing the loan to begin with.
Lend America is in my opinion from the way I was treated, ignored and strung along for 9 months is not a business to deal with, especially the rude employees that I had contact with.

Sandy Hammonds

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  • Ch
      5th of May, 2009
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    I agree 100%!! the employees were very rude. Numerous times I've tried contacting my agent(Seth Mckenna) as he helped me with a pre-approval and I kept getting his voicemail, left numerous messages/emails and no response. I've been hung up on and finally I got in touch with Seth and he didn't even know who I was! The sellers of the home we were looking to buy, wanted us to get another pre-approval from somewhere else because they had dealt with Lend America and they said their fees were astronomical and they were they reason for most foreclosures. They also said that Lend America were known for leaving homes pending on the market and then processing the loans which causes the sale to fall through! Thank goodness we didn't go any further with Lend America and we did not come out of pocket for anythng. I would definitely not recommend Lend America to anyone- If you see their ads or commercials please don't bother - you will very sorry you did!

  • Ec
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    Well, initially my experience was great. Mike Rawson was my loan officer, and he seemed to be on top of things wonderfully. It sounded like he worked very closely with the underwriter and his managers to make sure all files were all in order and complete and ready to go. I started this refinance in May 2009. The course of events were odd to me, but im a new parent, i just thought since i had that and my full time job that i was missing something. the couse of events follows...
    1. apparantly you have to lock yourself into a rate, they wont do it for you. You sign all the documents that your percentage rate is as low as 5.0 but you get yelled at by your loan officer when you question what happened to the rate and how they gave you the impression you would be closing on that interest rate within 10 days. then your rate goes up and you cannot have it brought back down even though everything you signed for THAT loan says the lower rate.
    2. expect to 'hurry up and wait'. you will be hounded for stuff they want, but when it comes to your pocket (if you really really need the refi) you wait for the 'legal dept'. if you hound them with your hectic schedule and the need to close soon, your loan officer will reprimand you that you should not only be patient, but you should have kept up to begin with.
    3. expect to be told you will close that week and wait another week to find out when you MIGHT be able to close.
    4. expect to be told over and over again not to worry about anything, you will close on this.
    5. expect to be told they will max out the money to cash out at closing and theres nothing you can change about that, even if you cannot afford what it does to your monthly payment.
    6. expect them to lie to you about the closing;
    a. your file wont make it to underwriting because it will be stopped by a manager, especially if you have
    questionable credit.
    b. they will lie about this too, they will tell you that underwriting disapproved the loan when they never
    even saw it.
    c. expect them to lose your file. i know, i know, but ive kept in touch with my ex-loan officer, who was since
    fired after MY loan was not approved, and he said that the staff will say this because they feel that you
    are not entitled to a copy of your own file there., not even the appraisal.
    7. at any point through this process, if you go with a lender-approved appraiser, expect them to tell you that if
    you try and goto another bank, you will not get a copy of your appraisal and even if you do, the appraiser w
    will not, ever, resign it to another lender (which if its requested, they are required to by law)
    8. when you call and ask for reasons after your not approved, you will be lied to about the whole process.

  • Li
      17th of Aug, 2009
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    Call the Banking Department of NY @ (212) 618-6445

  • Ml
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    I had all that happen plus my info was given to a third party mortgage mod lawyer. I have lodged complaints with the Attorney General of Iowa and New York, with the FHA and Ginnie Mae and am now working with the FTC and a Class action Attorney. Please contact the Attorney General of your state, and FHA and Ginnie Mae. That is the only way to put a stop to treatment like this!

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