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Lavalife / fraud

1 South Africa Review updated:

We have received notification of a reserved amount of money to be withdrawn from our bank account by lavalife. We have never ever had dealings with this company of any sort nor given our bank details to anyone to use fraudulently. What can be done to investigate this matter ?


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  • Mi
      29th of Sep, 2011
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    Hi everyone, I am just on here to share my story about what happen tonight.
    Well, I was laying in bed, bored. And decided to browse through my cell phone, they had a few different links, horoscopes, news, psychics. So I decided to click the psychic through text. It said it was going to charge me .99 a text, but I didnt mind, I was bored, but I had NO idea what was going to happen next...

    So, I instantly receive a text message, asking for my name and birthday, I send them the massage, the next thing I got back was

    "Hello would you like a reading?" (.99)

    I said "yes" (.99)

    I'm thinking to myself... "why the [censored]GEEE would you ask if I would like a reading?? why do you think I am texting you, you ###!!!" BUt I didnt say that! I was just thinking it in my head. There goes 99. Plus me replying yes was another 99 cents.

    Then they text me back "please go ahead with your question" (.99)

    I sent them a text with the question. (.99)

    They replied instantly, "Dear we don't do medical readings hun" (99 cents)

    Then I wrote back, another question. 99.

    (The reason why I wrote back, was because I figured I spend enough money, might as well keep going to see if I will get a real reading you know? Little did I know what was about to come!)

    They wrote back "Dear this is only a decision you could make" (.99)

    Then I wrote "What kind of psychic are you? You haven't helped me at all, I better not be getting charged for this!" .99

    Then they wrote back "Dear I cannot make a decision for you!" (.99)

    I did NOT write back. I was so freaking mad, and upset. This is just bogus!

    I called Verizon Wireless right away! They told me that they are not affiliated with these scammers. And that they have a law suit against companies like these, and they told me if i want my money back, that I would have to contact this phone number, and ask them for a refund myself.


    So that is what I did! I called the number, and some Indian guy named Altan was being SOOOOO rude to me, and he was basically YELLING at me, and telling me that its Verizon Wireless job to refund me the money NOT theirs.

    He told me that he wasnt going to give me the money, and hung up on me.

    This is a SCAM!!! A complete SCAM!! Do not get fooled like I did. Do not sign up for LavaLife psychic readings, OR ANYTHING FROM LAVALIFE.

    These people are located in India, and they are a huge scam. They get a few dollars from me, a few dollars from you, a few dollars from everyone, and they make thousands like this a day! THOUSANDS BY DOING NOTHING.

    Its just not fair! These companies need to be stopped.

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