Laser Spine Institute / malpractice. they disabled me and I need an attorney

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The Laser spine institute in Scottsdale Arizona ripped my spinal cord open and didn't even follow the minimum medical standard of care to fix it. Even after I saw the photo of the one stitch they put in it and I told it would not hold. Then went back the next day and had used 4 weeks worth od dressing in less than 12 hours. I am a critical care/surgical RN and now I can no longer work due to this and even had to go back 17 days later, with a 103.8 fever, and they had to get another surgeon in the area to go in and fix their screw up and save my life because I had bacterial spinal meningitis and close to dying. Also all the nerves in my spine were outside of the spinal cord (dura) and strangulated and there was a large piece of bone floating around them which caused permanent nerve damage and ended my career. I need an attorney because I have lost $1.6 million in wages and do and will have medical bills and severe pain the rest of my life. The statute of limitations runs out Feb 10th, 2016. Can someone please help me ? I an desperate. Not only can I no longer work as an RN, I can't work period. All 4 surgeons that I was working with at the time said that the Dr. at LSI was "in bad trouble" and "they would hate to be him".

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  • Li
      Dec 14, 2015

    Don't waste your time posting here, then. Search for a medical malpractice attorney in Scottsdale...

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  • Cr
      Mar 21, 2017

    I also went to Scottsdale Arizona to the laser an spine institute an had the same procedure done as well to an after it got done I had an appointment to follow up an got told NOT TO TAKE off my dressing to my wound till I got back home to where I lived in Wyoming an also got told I would have suitors ( stitches) an was supposed to have that one inch cut that was done. When I got back home from Arizona An cleaned my incision I then realized I DIDNT even have ANY stitches in my back nor a cut AT ALL actually an I also was still in pain an it NEVER got any better the pain just grew more intense so I called back with NO HELP from them an got told I would have to send MORE MRI a newer one an also would have to pay AGAIN to go back an let them do it again!! In the meantime I started getting sicker and sicker an EXACTLY a month later I lost 45lbs an plus an was VERY fatigued I went to my family doctor who ran blood test after blood tests An found out my liver was elevated then shortly after I got told I had contacted Hepatitis C genotype 1A an the doctor who was treating the Hepatitis C also informed me that after seeing ALL of my blood work from since conceiving my first born baby girl till when my liver got elevated he told me that Hepatitis C was NEVER dormant in me an when my liver elevated was when I contracted it. An I was also still dealing with my back pain as well an I went an seen another back doctor who also had told me that my back was worsened than the original MRI before going to the laser an spine an that my back was deterring an my joint next to L5 the Facet joint is gone it was so damaged my only option was surgery an in the meantime I was still talking to the laser an spine an got told that there wasn't nothing else that they could do for me so if anyone can please help me or refer me to a lawyer or join into a lawsuit please let me know AS SOON AS Possible!! Please email me at [protected]
    Thank you Cristie

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