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Laser Hair Removal / Laser burns

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BELOW IS MY STORY, Don't let them get you!!!

Hair Removal.

Hello my name is Mandy I am a model and actress. A couple of years ago I would never have dreamed of having laser hair removal. I am not particularly hairy, but about 4 years ago a friend of mine had been having IPL treatments in the UK. I was surprised at how silky her skin felt and how smooth it was and I thought “wow, I would love to have skin like that”. My skin itself was smooth and is very soft, and I normally shave my legs once every month, but the thought of never having to shave and having silky smooth skin was very tempting. I thought of it and decided I will try the treatment some day. I researched several sites and found information on lasers; I also found sites claiming to perform the procedure on darker skin types. I did not think much of it until when in 2005; I landed in the USA from London. I was in California and there were dozens of adverts for laser hair removal in the local newspapers. Eventually I went online and found one that seemed very reputable. I called and told them about my concerns being darker skinned and the fact that I know not all lasers can be used on darker skin types. They assured me they had a machine that would do just fine. I booked an appointment and straight away they took a deposit (half the cost of the procedure) from me on the phone. If I had known what was to come I should have thought twice.

The Treatment.

It was mid afternoon on the 21st September 2005; I drove to the particular laser clinic on Santa Monica Boulevard. My first impression when I got there was one of it being very professional establishment. After all they had half my money for the procedure already. I was told to sit in the reception and wait. After about 20mins waiting time a doctor came out and took me in an office asked me some questions about my health and then said he can perform the procedure. I asked him about a patch test which he claimed was not necessary. What did I know...? I proceeded to go into a separate room with an aesthetician. The aesthetician told me to strip waist down and put a cool gel on my legs. She then started to use the machine called LightSheer to perform the procedure. She said it would be like an elastic band hitting my skin. The first time the tip touched my skin I screamed. She continued and said that this was normal. I screamed all through the treatment. She gave me large ice bags to cool the skin as she went along with the laser probe, but it was terribly painful. In the end I had to stop her after a leg and a half and said I could not bear the pain any more. She decided I come back to do the other half leg. I got up and put on my clothes and went to the reception to pay. At the reception my legs started to tremble and I lost balance (it was only later I was told this was a response from my body being in shock from the laser burns). I was taken into the doctors’ office where I was given more ice packs to put on my legs and lay there for an hour. I was then allowed to go home. I was given Ice packs to take home. I still remember my legs burning up as I drove home in the car. My legs felt like they were going to catch fire. When I got home there were blisters right along my legs. My cleaning lady saw them and helped me get in bed. I collapsed and woke up the next morning.

The Dr. Had told me to come back 2 days later for the other half of the leg. When I got there I showed him my blisters and he told me “this is normal and will disappear after 6 weeks”. They asked to do the other half leg and like a fool I let them. This time the Doctor changed the settings but I was in pain again. I left the place with an Ice bag on my legs all over again and blisters.

Pain and Suffering.

I stayed at home for 6 days till my blisters burst, I could not wear tight jeans or any tight clothing. It was during this time a friend advised I take pictures and sue the doctor. I had never sued anyone in my life so did not know where to start. I called several lawyers and eventually found one who decided to take the case. The first thing he did when I arrived at his office, he made a video recording of my legs. It looked horrible on live video. He also took photos.

In the meantime my legs were totally disfigured. I cannot wear shorts or skirts and I have severe discoloration it all seemed like it was all going downhill. I went to see a plastic surgeon who said there was nothing he could do, but if I waited for my legs to heal he could try and treat the scaring. I decided to see a therapist as I became very anxious, nervous and totally paranoid about my legs.


During my visits to the therapist we discussed everything about my life and how it relates to my legs. As a model, I could not work anymore, my agent was appalled at the site of my legs and they just could not get me bookings with legs like that. I had come to LA to try and start an acting career which now also seemed like it had to come to a standstill. I packed my bags and headed back to London and as I could not get any acting work with the state my legs were in. Everyone was horrified when I got back at the site of my legs. They were all very shocked that such a thing could happen from a simple hair removal procedure. I also went to see a couple of hair removal places in the UK and in the USA who told me they would never dream of using a Lightsheer machine on my skin type.

The Law Suit.

I decided that no matter what I must seek compensation in this case and that no matter what I must win. My lawyer in the USA started to get the case together and I researched more and more on the internet. We started filling in 2005 and slowly things started to take shape. First I had to attend a deposition and state what happened, then my lawyers had to get the aestheticians deposition and the doctors’ deposition. There were two separate aestheticians and each had performed the hair removal procedure. They both had to be deposed. I was also asked by the defendants to provide all work receipts for the last 6 years. The defendants’ lawyers wanted everything on me. I managed to get letters from clients, old accounts, job contracts and much more to use in my case. By this time a year had gone past and when we finally got our first court date we were asked to go to mediation first. The plaintiffs refused to settle or offer any money at all at the mediation. Our court date was also moved by the plaintiff as they claimed they needed more time.

My attorneys in the mean time were working hard on my case and found an expert witness who was a laser specialist. She said the burns were very bad and that the doctor was most likely incompetent with the machine. However as fate would have it she dropped out of the case due to other problems with her personal life. It was at this time my lawyer found Dr .B who was a highly respected expert in the laser field. He finally confirmed to my lawyers what we had suspected all along. That the wave length of this particular machine is not suitable for darker skin types IV –VI on the Fitzpatrick scale. The question is why was Lumenis advertising LightSheer as “good for all skin types”? I finally put two and two together and realized that this was the exact reason a lot of aestheticians did not use the machine on darker skin types as they were scared it may burn them. In 2008 we were heading for court in May.


With the new evidence however and the expert witness the plaintiffs were scared. They called us in for another mediation to try to come to a conclusion on the matter. My attorneys were definitely ready for court. Especially with our new expert witness who did not come cheap. Our Mediation was set for May2nd, which was just 4 days before the May 5th court date. We were very sure we will win our case in court with all the new circumstantial evidence we had. On May 2nd we went to mediation where the plaintiffs ended up settling the law suit to the tune of $425, 000. I was happy, I won. But I knew even though the doctor was at fault, the company that manufactures the machine is also at fault. I have taken it upon myself to go after them. If we join in a class action we can all take them together? If your life has been ruined by lasers you deserve compensation...

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  • Sf
      9th of Dec, 2011
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    I live in Athens Greece had a laser treatment on my face a couple of days ago. When I woke up in the morning I noticed 2 blisters on my neck/chin and a couple of red marks again on the right side of my neck and swelling around the chin and neck area. I notified the doctor he told me that nothing can be done now and prescribed some creams for me to use for 10 days. Let me tell you that the laser that was used was the ND YAG laser. I had already done about 9 laser treatments on my face from another doctor but I did not see results so I decided to change doctors. BIG MISTAKE!!!

  • Sa
      27th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am interested in joining your lawsuit please send me information for the lawyer used. I am located in Raleigh NC and I too experienced laser burn on the upper lip and chin, I have darker skin tone. My email address is [protected]

  • Jd
      12th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi I just had a LHR yesterday and it was also similar to what happened to you. They use Lumenis LightSheer machine and it was so painful and today I got lots of burns on my legs and I'm terrified it would cause permanent scarring. I would like to know the attorneys who helped you on your case, if you wouldn't mind to email me the information on [protected]

  • It
      21st of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi, friends, we are a professional manufacturer for beauty and medical equipment, high quality, perfect service and competitive price, our equipment as follows:

    Q-switch ND YAG laser, CO2 fractional laser, IPL( Intense Pulse Light), RF(Radio Frequency), Ultrasonic cavitation machine for cellulite, Skin Analyzer, nail print machine, whiten teeth machine and so on.

    If you want to get more information, please email to [protected] Thanks!

  • Bu
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi, today I went for my laser treatment that I have been doing for a while now and I got burned. The manager or whatever she is that was called into room tried to tell me its normal. I told her it wasn't and had not happen to me before. She said it happened to her and that I will be ok. I don't care what she said. She might be happy when she got burned but I am not. I really want to sue but I have no idea where t start. My boyfriend said that this should not have happened. My email is [protected]

  • Do
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    My daughter just had this procedure and her blistering has turned into scabs, we are going to see a dermatologist. How do we get involved with this class action suit?

  • Ni
      31st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes


    I am a young attorney in California and represent a woman who was burned while getting bikini laser hair removal treatment. She was burned outside of the bikini region (in the abdomen region) in at least 10 places. The company told her it was "normal" and provided absolutely no post-care treatment. This is only a short version of the story, it is much worse. Can you please email me the name of the expert. I am looking for an expert as we speak. My email is [protected]

  • Bu
      29th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    When I say redness etc.. I mean I had the pain and redness like a sunburn but not nearly as bad as this last time and no blisters or swelling.

  • Bu
      29th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had fractional laser done on my face two days ago. Within 2 hours of the procedure I had very large blisters as well as seepage from certain areas around my face. I also had a large amount of swelling and discoloration. I was told this laser was supposed to be non-ablative. The aesthetician said I had an abnormal reaction but didn't say why... Medication? Wrong skin color? etc he had no explanation. I had fractional done about a year ago by a different provider and it didn't have this affect on me. I did have the redness etc but the procedure itself wasn't NEARLY as painful as the last one I had. I actually had to have him stop this last time multiple times. As well I almost passed out! I had him stop half way through so I could check my blood sugars. Anyway I have attached some pics. The pics don't really show the swelling and blisters. But the dark areas are the blisters and the swelling is apparent underneath my eyes and lower cheek area

  • Se
      23rd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had Laser hair removal on my face in California on 12/21/09 ...Ive been having it done for this has never been a perm. solution to my hair problems...but on this last occasion my face was burned...I have blisters on my face and multiple red and brown dots the size of dimes all over...I was instructed by the Dr. to put neosporin on and that the problem would go away within two weeks...It is only day 2 but I am scared my face is ruined! What should I do? Should I wait the two weeks before being concerned? Should I contact an attorney? Please help!

    Contact me at [protected]

  • Ae
      27th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am very freaked out and I really need someone to advise me in any way possible.
    I just bought a skin rejuvenation package at ALC. I financed my payment through Chase and already made my first payment.

    I never signed anything and the receptionist filled in my paperwork for me.

    I just got my very first IPL for discoloration and then a treatment with the Reffirm laser. At the very end, The Reffirm laser burned me on the right side of my forehead.

    The scab just fell off and the mark is now pink and indented and about one cm around. I think it will leave a white scar.

    I went in the next day to check up and the receptionist said she'd give me an extra two treatments.

    I do not want permanent scars and I had absolutely no results from either the IPL or the Reffirm.

    I'm supposed to go in again in a week to do a "test spot" to find out what's wrong.
    I don't want more burns. I wanted better skin, not worse!!!
    I'm frustrated and scared!!

  • Ar
      1st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    My name is Spencer Aronfeld. I am an attorney in Miami that is representing a lady with a similiar case. Can you provide us the name of your lawyers or the expert that you used? [protected]@[protected].com

  • De
      26th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hello, I was also burnt 3 weeks ago. The skin is not healing properly, it looks infected and I am afraid this will become an ugly scar. I am also considering an attorney, because this is the 3rd time I get burnt during my treatment, but this third one is too bad. I have a "hole" under my arms, it looks horrible. I appreciate any information. Thanks!

  • Ma
      16th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    My name is Mary, I am from Tampa, Florida I had laser hair removal performed on my arms and the bikini area. Enclosed are pictures to show my burns. I also had burns in the groin area. I would appreciate if you can connect me with a qualified attorney. thank you

  • Me
      24th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree. I was burned a few months ago while getting a brazilian.At first I had no idea it could be from the laser and i went to go to 3 doctors to figure out what it was. I didnt have insurance so I had to pay cash. Ive spent atleast a thousand dollars. I would like to know more as well.

  • Do
      24th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also would like to get the attorney's information. I was burned 17 months ago and have scars on my stomach. I would like to know more about the suit. [protected]

  • Ka
      23rd of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Total disbelief at the comments about ALC in White Plains. All the girls are on the ball. Jen, Dana & Diana .Colleen Maher the clinic manager is a breath of fresh air!!! Thank You Ladies and keep up the terrific work!!

  • An
      21st of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I completely agree with you. I was also burned during LHR treatment last August, however by a Cutera machine. I would like to obtain your attorney's information. If you wouldn't mind, please email information to me at [protected]

  • Ji
      1st of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I definately agree with you. I will contact you on the email you provided. Too many people have been scared by this machine, me included. I would like to join your class action. When this happened to me I really did not know wha to do. I am a happy that there is a group formed to make sure these people get exposed.

  • Cy
      13th of May, 2008
    0 Votes
    Laser Hair Removal - Service
    American Laser
    110 Corporate Park
    White Plains
    New York
    United States
    Phone: 914-328-6143

    I signed up for a hair removal package for approx $2600 in Feb '08 howevr have not been able to use as the location never answers or returns my phone calls. the clinic manager, Colleen maher finally responses and promised if happened again I would be refunded and well it did. However the company is now refusing a full refund and claiming never made the promise. I have attemped to speak with customer services however they were rude and refused to asist me.

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