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[Resolved] Laser Hair Removal / Buyer Beware

1 Greenfield, WI, United States

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Ideal Image is a complete scam. Their
advertising is false, misleading and illegal.
Their consultants work on commission and will mislead you, misrepresent
their services, and outright lie, just to get you to sign their contract. They charge nearly ten thousand dollars, (morethan 800 dollars per treatment) not caring if their services work for you or

“Not having to shave” is the first of many lies you will be told. I was
told “You’re going to love not having to shave.” Only if it were true! I
completed all nine required treatments of laser hair removal. (Full legs and
Brazilian) I still have a significant amount of dark hair and need to shave
every day. I see no difference in the
amount of hair I have on my legs and bikini area. All of their advertisements say “no more
shaving, no more waxing, no more stubble, be hair free.” These advertisements are intentionally
misleading, and outright lies.

I was misled into signing their agreement. I was told because I have light skin and dark
hair I was an ideal candidate for laser hair removal and would have fantastic
results. They never assessed my actual
hair (after all treatments were completed, I learned they should have). I was told by my consultant J**, how jealous
all her friends were when she went on a cruise, because she never had to
shave. I was repeatedly told I would
love not shaving. Not once prior to signing the contract, and starting
treatment, was I told I would ever need to shave again. I was convinced I would be “shave free, ” as
their advertisements promised. Not until
my third treatment, did they start saying, “You know you may still need to
occasionally shave”. WHAT? The lies continued. I was told, “You will only need to shave once
a month” and “You will only have like 12 hairs left”. The lies just piled on. As treatment progressed, I expressed more and
more concern.

The contract is only to protect them from lawsuit. The only reason they
make you sign it is because they know they are intentionally misleading
you. The contract states “laser hair
removal doesn’t remove blonde, grey or white hair”. But they had just finished telling me how I
had dark hair, and I would be a perfect candidate. They take away your right to full legal
representation in a court of law. They protect themselves against class action.
Why? Because they know they are ripping you off.

Two months after my final treatment I wrote to J** to tell her I was
very unhappy with the results and wanted a refund. I let my hair grow out for 6 days and went in
for an assessment. I was told the
remaining dark hair was untreatable because it was actually “ash” colored. More lies!
The nurses said the state nurse would contact me in 7-10 days. The state nurse never contacted me yet wrote
in my file she did. Another lie! After a month of no correspondence, I let my
hair grow out for 2 weeks. The dark hair
was very obvious. I wrote again to ask for a 2
nd assessment. No response!
They just ignored me. They had their money, they simply didn’t care.

I contacted the owners of two independent local salons for 2nd
opinions. They were both in shock at how
much dark hair remained after 9 treatments.
They informed me the industry standard is 5-6 treatments. One owner is also an electrolysis. She was able to remove several hairs and
examine their roots. The roots were
definitely dark, which means they are treatable. This is evidentiary proof that Ideal Image’s
assessment is just another lie.

As of the date of this post, I have written to the corporate office to
ask for a refund based on the evidence provided by the two independent salon
owners. I am waiting for their response.
I’m not holding my breath. I hope you
can learn from my mistake, and save yourself the financial loss, grief, and
aggravation I have endured.

  • Resolution statement

    After correspondence with the corporate headquarters, we have come to an amicable solution just before the holidays. I'm pleased with the outcome.

Oct 1, 2014

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