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Labor usa employment agency / Careers usa ripping off my company for their business gain

1 Boca Raton, FL, United States
Contact information:

Labor USA was a contracted vendor/associate supplier to CareersUSA and and this company now with an intent to harm Labor USA Employment Agency, a small minority woman owned business in Indianapolis and its enviable reputation to service individuals in need of stable employment for Careers USA own shortcomings and inability to assist with running a contract for vendors legally. Their reasoning for not compensating my company with their complainta is filled with untruths. CareersUSA ended the contract with Labor USA unlawfully and with deceit due to Labor USA's finding concerns with addressing this company work ethics and finding violations of law as well as neglect for and against my own employees.

Labor USA's Owner and CEO, Yolanda Lamar, was contacted September 17, 2016 by CareersUSA staff in Boca Raton, Florida to ascertain if we could assist with recruiting personnel for one of CareersUSA's clients in Indianapolis, Indiana. Unbeknownst to Labor USA: CareersUSA, 1) misrepresented that CareersUSA billing and accounting means of servicing their client here in Indianapolis. They never provided the necessary and accurate information to provide effective billing and accounting updates for workers' compensation and other insurances in effect in order to have employees to staff for their Client; 2) our lacked of funding to actually pay its my employees as required by law and the contract was due to their in effective means of not providing accurate accountability for the works needed to service their client; and 3) and CareersUSA failed to properly calculate actual hours and time worked for my employees along with overtime in accordance with federal, state and local law and refused to not pay my agency employees correctly and in a timely manner as requested.

After Labor USA entered into the agreement with CareersUSA on September 21, 2016 to provide staffing personnel, my company was required to pay employees for the time they are scheduled to worked and in accordance to the staffing industry setup. But, CareersUSA failed to discuss with my accounting dept. on how billing and accounting will be submitted. It was not until Labor USA began the onboarding process of employees for their client that LaborUSA addressed the funding needs of company for the employees. We seek assistance in knowing how billing and accounting is setup and how invoices and projected need of employees. With the 1st week of the agreement, LaborUSA brought to the attention of CareersUSA that we still had not discussed billing and compensation and began the process of removing employees until this was addressed and rectified.
This is where the problem arised and the contract became breached by Owner and Counsel of CareersUSA, Ms. Jennifer O. Johnson.

Clearly, LaborUSA Employment Agency cannot not have a contractor or a company who participated in such careless or unethical activities in regards to doing business practically and with concerns that will cause effect to individuals. CareersUSA had repeatedly disregard our concerns about this agreement and its billing practices from the beginning for my employees we brought onboard for their Client. Labor USA Employment Agency is a small business enterprise and has worked hard to be a valuable resource for the community in Indianapolis, Indiana by offering stable employment opportunities. Labor USA can do business efficiently if we had a Company that been in the staffing industry for over 20+ years conduct their business practices better in helping than trying to hurt a small business that could benefit of their years of service. Instead of working with our small business firm, this large so called company out of Florida saw fit to tear down and defame our efforts.

Now instead, CareersUSA will be in grave trouble with the government and other employees who have filed appropriate complaints about their actions and they would prefer to deflect the blame onto this small business entity and cause them harm. And all we ask is that they, CareersUSA pay my invoices that are due for the works we rendered and they are refusing to pay my company which is now causing my company and its staff financial hardship due to their refusal to compensate my company.

Labor usa employment agency

Nov 14, 2016

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