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La Vie Furniture / Extremely Rude Customer Service

1 1515 Britannia Road East., Mississauga ON L4W 4K1, Unit 7-11Mississauga Markham, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-647-448-8961

I bought a piece of furniture from this company, complete with delivery and installation. When it was delivered to my house and installed by their crew, we saw that it was damaged. One of their delivery men called their office to report the situation and they were instructed to replace it. So they left us with the damaged furniture and promised a new delivery. Nothing came for weeks. No phone calls, no new table. When I finally called their office, I was informed that it was my responsibility to write them an email and attach a picture of the damage as proof to a GMAIL account. This company is UNBELIEVABLE! Their CEO, Jack, was extremely (extremely is an understatement) rude and hanged up on me. His words were, "If you're going to upset me, then we won't answer any of your emails or calls." Then he went nonstop with the verbal abuse. All I asked him was to replace the furniture as they had promised. If you ever come across this company, keep walking. They are SCAMMERS, masquerading as a legitimate furniture company. One they get you money, all customer service is out the door.

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  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    They're legit but the customer service is absolutely horrible. Better spend your money elsewhere. I also purchased a dining table from them that looked really good on their catalog but when it was delivered, it looked very cheap and flimsy. But I agree, their manager named Jack is rude and customer service training at all.

  • To
      9th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    You're one of the lucky ones if you happened to buy an item without any defects from this company. But if you did find (upon delivery) any damage on the item you bought, then you've going to have a major headache on your hands. La Vie Furniture is oblivious to the concept of using telephones. You can't get in touch with any of them. The number on their website belongs to the owner Jack and he is a piece of work. Arrogant, unapologetic and very rude. I will make sure no one I know will have the very unpleasant experience I had dealing with this awful company. Worst purchase of my life.

  • Ja
      12th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is Jack, "the very rude guy you mentioned" from La Vie. First of all, I don't know if you guys are our competitors or really our customers but if you are, then I appreciate about your input. My way to conduct business and live as a human being is very simple: believe in truth. If me and my business did do anything wrong then I will admit it. If I didn't do anything wrong and you just want to trash me and my business here then I am sorry for you. But anyway, if you guys have any problem with my company, our products or me, please feel free to talk to me. I do care about my business and understand how important of business relationship is. I am running a legit business and have willingness to offer the best customer service I can offer. As a window between our suppliers and our customers, there are impossible to have no product problems or no complaints. I promise when problem happenes, I will use unbaised common sense to judge how to settle and I will stand in customer's shoes to think how to make you happy. Seeing things always have another side. As the owner of 7 retail furniture stores, why I need to put my personally cell phone number on my website to unhappy customers to complain to me directly? Why am I not just letting my employees and managers to deal with you and I sit back and make you wait and wait like other big players do? My answer is very simple because I do care. I understand sometimes you will make money and sometimes not and believe me when I am running a multi-million dollor business, I don't care to give you some buck to make you happier but if I was rude to you then either you discriminate us because of our race or you said and did something to hurt us or just simply want to take too much advantage of us. I put my name and myself at the front line of my business is because I believe my judgement and I am willing to take any consequence if I did or said anything wrong. For other readers, if you just want to testify whether my business is a worst business and I am rudest person then please feel free to test us out. I believe we are very good, maybe not the best but we are trying. One thing I can prove you here is I will give my number to everyone who think it is neccessary to bring up to owner's attention. One funny thing I felt is 99% of my customers don't even have a chance to talk to me because I am working in the corporate office and when customers have problems or questions, they will contact the people whom they bought furniture from and called our business number instead of my cell phone number and speak to our customer service agents and managers first. You guys sound like you all talked to me and I was rude to all you guys. But anyway this is a free country and people can say anything they want. I just summary one sentence here: I am upset when I see bad reviews because I care about my business. Believe or not, I am trying very hard to make everyone happy but if there is anything I did wrong or my company did wrong, please feel free to contact me and I will make it right. It is a promise from my heart.


  • La
      26th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Mr Jack, please don't be lie, even the customers who call you and email, you never help or not replied your email. do you want me to put all the emails here which you never replied. I believe you would not have an answer. I personally talk to you couple of times but your attitude was rude. Please don't put this as someone discriminated you or the review is written by your competitor who want to trash you. This is as simple as some one has complaints about the stuff he bought from you. Because this didn't happened to you, so you cant feel the customer pain. Having a Gmail account for complaints is simply unacceptable. Guys they don't have any in-written warranty for their stuff. There is no space for any complaints. So please like your stuff as you already make mistakes to buy from us. once you complaint they behave like they don't know you at all. Some time they ask you if you scream in the store we can call cops as well. Very untrained staff on their stores. At least I never made mistake again to visit them again and I passed this information to all my extended family and friends. I would say its the wastage of money and time. I submitted a complaint in "The Consumer Protection Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services".

  • Sa
      27th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I appreciate the reviews here! I was looking at the website, but hadn't heard of the company before so thought I search for some reviews, since furniture is a big expense... but it sounds like it's not worth it, when there are so many other furniture stores in Toronto and the GTA. I'm sorry that the others had such terrible experiences, but thank you for sharing and sparing me the same experience- I'll look elsewhere for my new furniture.

  • Ja
      1st of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is Jack from La Vie Furniture. Everything all have two sides. Our decision making are based on actual scenario. If we did wrong, I have no problem to make it right but we didn't do anything wrong, then we won't give in just because you threaten us. To La vie EX customer, I got a feeling that you desperately want to trash our name all over the places. Either you are a competitor or a customer with extreme anger. I am really interested to know what making you so mad. In terms of gmail, once customer makes complaint with us either by phone or email, we will request customer to send us a photo to prove the damage part. For my understanding, this is very normal and reasonable. I don't think using gmail is a problem though. You said you talked to me couple of times and I was very rude. I don't remember I did talk to you so can you please kindly give me a call again and if you like, I can even make an appointment with you so we can sit down talk about your anger. All our sales contract has Warranty Info at second page so I don't know why you said we don't have written warranty info there. You claimed we didn't reply your emails. If you sent us 5 emails a day and we just replied you 1 at end. Will that be a problem? Again, I just want to make everyone understand here. The reason I monitor my reviews is because I care for my business and I well understand that the best way to eliminate bad reviews is to provide good service. All story has two sides. If we did do anything wrong, then yes, we deserve to get trashed here but if the problem wasn't in our side. Will that be fair to be trashed. Again, you guys you can check my cell phone on my websites and I am very happy to answer your questions and complaints. I do care my business and our reputation. I just want you to feel that. Again, for my La vie EX customer, please give me a call to prove yourself and let's figure something out if you are not hired to trash our name.

  • Ca
      26th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    glad for the reviews. I live in calgary and was actually seriously thinking of ordering furniture through La vie or GH modern furniture both of which seem to have the same stuff and the same store locations which I don't quite understand. anyhow...I don't wish to risk my money and welcome unnecessary headache.

  • Je
      4th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I made purchased from lavie, this company been introduced from my friend, and i also did a lot of background check with this company, but i would like trust my friend. i would like to share my experiences here. i purchased a sectional leather sofa, good price, and been educated from highly trained sales associate, they are kind and very helpful. after few weeks waiting, i got my sofa, i can garranty they done a excellent work for my sofa, and provide a very good customer service, from driver to their store sales person. i did not have chance to talk with owner, but i can see owner should be a good business man, because all the store sales person are very kind, it is different with other company, they have knowledge, and patience. anyway, this is a good company i would like to refer to my friend. and i would like to vote them: very good.

  • Jb
      27th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I'm not a customer but I WAS a potential customer. That is, until I called and called the number on the website to get some info about ordering
    furniture. I also sent an email. Your company will supposedly respond within 24 hours, but I got no response. It seems that these reviews about your company are true according to my experience.

  • Mo
      3rd of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    10/10, this is score I would like to give to them. I feel this company is good, since at beginning, professional sales give us a lot of education, and satisfy our produces we ordered, very reasonable price we got. good company. recommend.

  • An
      8th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I was going to purchase some furniture there but the negative reviews scared me. Customer's service is very important!!!

  • Fr
      11th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Just a note... I really wanted to post my review somewhere where it won't get deleted (like Yelp did).

    I don't own a furniture store. I don't have any interests in furniture stores. I just hate crappy overpriced furniture. Other Yelp posters claimed I work for a competitor. I do not. They claimed I didn't actually buy anything from LaVie. They are correct. Because I would have had to have been out of my mind to do so.

    Also, beware of Jack and his cronies and all their fake reviews they post on this and other sites. They seem to have even more time on their hands to post reviews on sites than I do (lol).

    Anyway, here is my review from several months back:

    I visited LaVie's Markham location this past weekend (560 Denison Street) and all I can say is wow -- what a load of garbage. It is all super-cheap knock off furniture of the poorest quality. The website is terribly deceptive and to the unsuspecting shopper, you might actually be fooled into thinking what you are buying is of decent quality. Go to a real store and compare to the authentic versions.

    Cheap, garbage-quality knock offs would be perfectly acceptable if their prices were reflective of their quality, but they absolutely are not. For the bedroom set we were looking at, the price was $4000. To be fair, yes, the originals would have cost upwards of double the price (after you factor in shipping, taxes and duties), but $4000 is no small figure. It is still a lot of money. And what that money pays for (aside from lining the pockets of the owners) is shipping. The actual manufacturing cost of the product itself is a very small fraction of that. So when you spend $4000 at La Vie, you are getting $4000 of the lowest quality garbage imaginable.

    I was very excited upon reviewing the products listed on their website, and figured "Even if they are knock-offs, how bad could they be?" But when seen in person, it was shocking the difference in quality. There was another couple there who had purchased a number of items. They appeared mildly content in their ignorance. If I were a bigger man, I would have told them to run for the hills. But it is not too late to warn you, my friends -- stay far, far away.

    Do yourself a favour, if the real deal is too expensive, take what you might otherwise have spent here, and spend it at Ikea. Or better yet, Mobilia. I have a Mobilia chair that cost the same as what La Vie was charging, and the La Vie version was beyond pathetic. Granted the Mobilia version is not as nice as the original label version, but the original also cost 5 times more.

    Forgive the rant, but I was outraged at the nerve of this place to charge what they are charging for the garbage they are selling.

    I would consider buying from LaVie (or Superdeal Furniture or whatever they call themselves) if it cost possible 50-75% less than what they are charging. Jack, if you are reading this (which I am sure you will) lower your price to that, and I'll consider buying. Until then, I'll spend just a bit more to get something significantly better elsewhere.

  • Da
      12th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    @ Frank MD
    I am a customer of La Vie Furniture, and I bought a custom made couch from Markham location as you mention. But I did not find it's a garbage as you mentioned! I also recommend to couple of my fds, one of them bought a bedroom set in $4000 that made in Italy and I like it alot. I hope Ikea can have this for sell in lower price (which never gonna happened). Before I step in La Vie Furniture I acutally did a review research and they're rating 8/10 and for Mobilia 2/10, well you might be one of lucky customers with no service issue(cross fingers)

  • Ri
      15th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    @ Daisy D

    You write just like Jack. Fake profile. How funny that someone comes on here and defends Jack and talks about how cheap Ikea is etc.

    I bought a coffee table from the MIssissauga location in 2011. Told me I got a "weekend deal" if I put money down so I did only to find that the balance had to be in Cash after the fact when I came to get it. They gave me the wrong table. I had to return it and the one I got had marks at the bottom. They said I had to send pictures of the defects. After all this I gave up, not worth the time.

    Customer Service is poor after they get your money.


  • Ma
      26th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I am currently waiting for a response from them. It was uneventful purchasing products from GHmodernfurniture (which is there sister company)... Until I received the "custom made furniture". Unfortunately I have some issues with manufacturing defects that needs to be addressed. I've emailed and have contacted them (long distance) and have not been informed of a solution. It has been a week since I received the furniture but they have not contacted me as to rectify this matter. I will give them 1 more week to contact me otherwise I will be obligated to write more reviews, contact better business bureau, and write more reviews in forum.

  • Ma
      4th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    As per my review above, I did give them one week and within that time frame they had made arrangements to have someone repair the stitching. I found their customer service to be fair. They dealt with all the issues we encountered.

    I would recommend for those who wants to purchase furniture online to do your research well. The furniture we purchased cost us $~5000. A sectional, 2 chairs and a sofa. Leather with leather match (vinyl). I wish I purchased all 100% leather instead but that would have been way too expensive. The only issue I have is that their product pictures online is misleading. The quality is what you pay for. If you have heard of the expression "it's like a Monet"...that's exactly how I will describe the products we received.

  • La
      1st of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes


    Rude, lawless, approximate English. Will go belly up soon I hope: such Baaaaaad Customer service and equally bad products.

  • Ly
      9th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    I bought my recliners from them last month; it is really comfortable and my wife loves it! We have been searching for a long time for a color to match our floor, all they have in the brick and Leon’s are brown, black. I found this furniture online and they said they can customize the color, I dropped by their Ottawa showroom and found they carry a plenty of colors other than black white or brown. And I did found the right color to match our floor, Also the quality is solid! I will be back for more in the future for sure!

  • Do
      10th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    After I bought furniture from them, they completed delivery on time, and provided good service, I tired to write my own experience on public to tell people this is a good company, but I saw this complaint website, sorry to hear you guys have these complaints, might be different case in different circumstance, but I had very good shopping experience in this company. I would like to help them speak here, they kept their promise, delivery on time, good quality. Or course, price is quite reasonable compare with other store, I bought whole bed furniture from them, delivery agent is very nice, I understand delivery company do not take care of package, but when they saw me and my husband, if add our ages, over 100 years old, they just directly to took away all boxes and cleaned my place. I really appreciate their help and thanks I bought from them.

  • Do
      10th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    ( Just correct my little hand direction) After I bought furniture from them, they completed delivery on time, and provided good service, I tired to write my own experience on public to tell people this is a good company, but I saw this complaint website, sorry to hear you guys have these complaints, might be different case in different circumstance, but I had very good shopping experience in this company. I would like to help them speak here, they kept their promise, delivery on time, good quality. Or course, price is quite reasonable compare with other store, I bought whole bed furniture from them, delivery agent is very nice, I understand delivery company do not take care of package, but when they saw me and my husband, if add our ages, over 100 years old, they just directly to took away all boxes and cleaned my place. I really appreciate their help and thanks I bought from them.

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