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LA Fitness / terrible experience!

1 3420 BUFORD DRIVE NE.Buford, GA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 678-714-5075

Without any prior warning or any issues prior to this, I was thrown out of the la fitness gym at this location on Sunday, December 23, 2007 by Mr Medrano. L.A. Fitness International, LLC 3420 Buford Dr NE Buford, GA 30519. I have contacted the regional manager, Mike Tuzzo for a full refund on the prepaid days I am unable to use. Mr Tuzzo telephone me yesterday on January 2, 2008 and issued a credit of 30 days for the month of January. I have prepaid for until February 15, 2008 and asked for the remaining days. He said he could not issue this and asked why. He said I could come back to the Buford gym to use the remaining days I have prepaid and let Mr Medrano know I will be back to the gym. I told Mr. Tuzzo I have already joined another gym and did not want to return to the gym where I was thrown out unjustifiably.

Lacks any customer service and will adhere to most disgusting way of banning people from the gym without total refund. LAfitness practices are slimy and even the regional manager is pretty back up any serious offenses his staff makes.

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  • Ch
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    i completely agree and more, for this terrible service of lafitness club.staffs are certainly carry no value at all about members and entire staffs mentalities are so low class anymember who enter this place no wonder they get additional stress to deal with all these absurd situation.these peole working in the lafitness centers absolutely need to evaluate their service attitudes toward members and non-members.
    their greed toward financial gain by wrongfuly charging to member's even cancelled membershipfee is unexceptable to any one who understand the basic fact of business transaction.because no matter how big the company looks in the end it just their clients who decide that company's future as true or false.
    in that sense lafitness club is rushing to downfall,and it will be the hard one.

  • Ro
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    I joined lafitness in 2007 I took the year membership for the workouts and also the personal trainer I went several times and my mom took ill and I told them I had to cancel the personal trainer and they said no problem they gave me a form letter so I could cancel I was not charged again until now I wish to cancel the personal trainer and I gave them plenty of notice, and now I am getting billed again for the 392.00 I want this resolved and not charged to my credit catd again. I notified Discover Card and they said they would contact you

    Thank you

  • Ki
      25th of Jun, 2008
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    I have also had a horrible experience at the Camp Creek location. I approached the manager to discuss my membership which was not what I signed up for (signed up for the multi-gym membership and was given the single gym). I was verbally assualted by the manager who reeked of marijuana and followed by him through the gym while trying to finish my workout. I have been attempting to contact the district or regional manager with no success. Called Corporate but no reasponse yet. If anyone could help with any contact information for the district or regional, i would appreciate it. My next step is to go legal.

  • Ze
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    La fitness is So disgusting, full of greed, with no moral or ethical business value.

  • Pr
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I joined LA fitness December 07 and had my free personal training session where that idiot of trainer told me to lose 10-20 pounds...Im 5'8" tall and 125 pounds...WTF!
    I yelled at him and told him that I will never come back again, because one of my best friends nearly died because of an eating disorder.

    So, the next day they called me to ask if I was alright and I said no and that I wanted to cancel the membership immediately.After trying to convince me to stay they finally agreed to send me the form. I never received anything, so I called them and they said I should go online. I did, but i didn't wanna set up an account so I called them again and the lady told me that the problem will be solved. they will call me back.
    because I was graduating I didn't have the time to follow up with them.

    when I canceled in MAY(!!!) my Swiss credit card they started calling me non stop. then I realized that they have been using my card all the time, because I was so stupid to slide my card once over there!Since then I was sent from one place to the other and apparently all their printers are out of order...sure, but they still can print out applications!!!

    I'm working for a PR guy and he discovered in 1989 a major scam with the parking meters in LA where the city had to pay over 15 million dollars back to the people that got parking tickets at manipulated parking meters. He is very well connected and we are going to the media now. If you want to be part of it let me know.I'm trying to collect as many angry people as possible!

  • Ni
      16th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    LA FITNESS sucks!!

    I too have had a similar neglecting, lied to experience, heard nothing but about what bad customer service they had, from friends, and now reading the comments on this sight makes me realize im not the only victim to miss treatment from this gym.-----Screw legal action!!

    I say we stand out side of the clubs and start a riett, holding up signs showing other people that might want to sign-up at this ### hole that they call a gym stir up comotion and maybe we can finally get them to listen to our complaints and do something about it, or maybe it will have such an effective strike against them that the gym will be forced to shut down completely!!!

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