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Kroger / pharmacist

1 2257 N. Hollandsylvania roadToledo, OH, United States

Wow, I don't know where to start. I Have been a customer for a long time. A fairly new pharmacist there has given me nothing but problems and embarrassment. I am on suboxone, but I am on it for psoriatic arthritis and Lupus. For pain. It is now being widely used for many things, not just drug addiction which I DON'T have. I started out on a high amount and have went down consistently each spring. Well, I decided to ask my Dr. ( I ASK THE DR. THE DR. DID NOT ASK ME) to cut down my dosage again In October not realizing or thinking about the winter months coming and how it affects my pain and my activity. The first month went fine and then the following month it got much colder out, I did not have my seasonal work I do so I was not getting enough exercise which plays havoc on your joints. My pain was much worse and I was running out a few days early because I was having to go back to my old dose to subside the pain. I told my Dr, about this, My Dr, is a very attentive one, not one where your just in and out to get your refills, she talks to you, does tests, is very thorough. So the first month I ran short she wrote a prescription to make up for the days I was short and said if I continue to be short because of the pain then we will go back to old dose. So I take this 3 days prescription to Kroger and am told they will not fill it because it is 2 days early. I told the pharmacist I know and my Dr. knows its early, she wrote it because I ran short. Then I was treated like a common drug addict. She says rather loudly in front of the whole pharmacy, you should have 4 left, why don't you have 4 left. I didn't and still don't feel I needed to go through and explain the whole thing to her in a drive thru window. I said I will have my Dr, call, she proceeds to keep saying you should have 4 left, why don't you have 4 left, are you not taking it as prescribed? At this point I am PISSED, Because my Dr, knows what's going on and I have said I will have her call the pharmacy. I said again, my Dr, will be calling you and she says sarcastically, well no Dr, has called yet. This got me in tears, I went home and within a little bit my Dr. called them and they agreed to give it to me. Then came this month, I run short a few days again, cold weather has set in, I'm getting no exercise and my pain is worse. I talk to my Dr, and tell her everything and she agrees that we lowered my dose at the wrong time, we should have waited till spring as we did before. So, she writes my script for the old amount I was on and I told her, I think that pharmacist is gonna give me a problem again. She says when you get there, tell them if they have an issue to call the office before we leave. I go to pharmacy, and tell the tech lady behind the counter my Dr, said if there is going to be a problem please call the office before they leave, she waits 20 minutes, I'm sitting in lobby and here comes that nasty pharmacist that I had before saying we can't fill this for two more days. I tell her that my Dr, said to call and that it is a new dosage. She proceeds to say LOUDLY, you should have 4 left, why don't you have 4 left? I said mam, you can talk to my Dr. about that. She says that don't matter, you should have 4 left, everyone is looking at me like I am a drug fiend, people in line, people sitting waiting and all the pharmacy staff, so I'm sitting down in lobby looking up my dr's number and AGAIN she says you should have 4 left, we are not gonna fill this. I said MAM, I am calling my Dr, and you can discuss it with her, would you PLEASE stop announcing my dosage to the public? She says well then come up here to the counter, I said I am calling my Dr. ( Now I'm sorry but this is ridiculous and I should NOT have to be badgered by this woman like this. I did not want to speak with her, I knew how she was and just wanted to call my Dr.) This ended up in the conference room where I explained the whole thing about the meds which I STILL FEEL I shouldn't have to to her. I am crying at this point because she has embarrassed me if front of customers and staff. The manager comes in and smooth's things over I apologize for getting so upset and saying one cuss word which I said when this pharmacist would not let me get one sentence out of my mouth, she kept interrupting me, So I did apologize for getting that upset and saying a cuss word but the only apology I got from that pharmacist is a" sorry I made you cry", nothing about the assumption, nothing about the public embarrassment. she still acted like she was in the right to behave that way but I had no more fight in me, The only thing I could do was leave and wait for my Dr. to call them back. I was humiliated to even leave and walk past the people that heard what she had said OVER AND OVER. ( I am not exaggerating, she said that at least 5 times) and the manager takes my Dr/s number. Half hour later I have my meds. Why did I have to go through this? There is NO EXCUSE. I know there are rules as to how long in between controlled substance but I TOLD her to talk to my Dr. And she just kept announcing things loudly after I sat down and was looking up my DR, 's phone number. And this was a new prescription with a NEW dosage. NOBODY should be treated like this. I ask her in that conference room, if this med had been an antibiotic that I ran short on, would you have announced over and over I should have 4 left? She said yes ...what EVER yeah right, I do NOT believe she would have. I feel I was stigmatized and treated poorly and this was NOT right. SO my question is, should I go higher? and get this woman reported? Even the manager said she should not have did that to me. Do you feel I was being stigmatized as being a drug seeker? I truly FEEL I WAS, SHE knew NOTHING that was going on but made assumptions and embarrassed me publically and I feel that was VERY wrong. I feel I am owed AN APOLOGY, a gift card, something, anything that says they are sorry this happened to me not once but TWICE and nothing can undo the embarrassment I felt publically. incident January 4, 2016 about 5:30 pm

Jan 4, 2016

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