Krogerinterviewing process

No Mar 08, 2016 Kokomo, IN

I had an interview for Kroger's in Kokomo IN on Dixon street on 03/04/16, the Co-Manager(Travis) that interviewed me sized me up before I could have a seat for the initial interview. As the interview process begin he asked me a couple of questions about myself in which he was given feedback but through the five minute(yes five) interview the only thing he was stressing about whether I was a good fit for Kroger. First off, I have over 20 years of customer service background in which I currently have a job in that department, I have worked for major grocery stores that are three times bigger than Kroger in major cities, I have a pharmacy tech back ground along with again countless years of cashier history so its kind of hard for me to grasp what he means when he says " a good fit". I'm not angry about the situation but I just thought that was funny coming from a country town grocery store manager who doesn't have a clue about progress in the grocery store business nor is not an approachable person to interview potential applicants for a job.

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