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Kroger / got complained about at and after 2 days got asked to leave kroger

1 1802 North Point drive in durham.Durham, NC, United States
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At 10:17 pm, I went to Kroger of North point drive. And thought it better explained. A few years since I caught a few butchers get complaints of ribeyes being substituted with flank meat and steak ends up uneatable after 28 counts of falsefying ribeyes and immediately let the manager know about the steaks. The managed worked upon my information and recordings of overhearing the butchers say that his freezer was filled up and the older lady at Kroger was the butchers friend..That's how I found out the information was true and she is the criminal mastermind behind the thefts of ribeye steaks or she knows who did steal those steaks..And I am trying to move back into that area and have been harassed by this lady?? And I also broke a story for WTVD 11 News, of the man at JFK towers that committed suicide with an oxygen tank? And work closely with Kathy Mentha of the news team..I had worked with Kroger in the past and these are disgruntled workers that had to call police to ask me to leave because I told her that she is wrong my first coffee was at 10:17pm and the rest of the time I used M.R.Eat coffee between the 9.22 hours I had to wait to get coffee if I waited for her to make any coffee and she made excuses as to why she didn't have to search anyone coffee and continued on with her me and other customers in the store..??I don't understand this kind of aptitude problem..With Durham people but loving Kroger but not the 2nd and 3rd shift there at Kroger should be a mandatory retraining of the customer service for the entire store. That is what I'm suggesting and asking be done so the whole store would prosper from a retraining. Most Durham Kroger workers would pick up where they left off in training..And for the record; it was I that saved Kroger hundred of dollars in revenue. I was raised a cattle farmer. And was fought at a young age what a ribeye should and shouldn't look like. With that said, I fought the butchers falsefying ribeyes and putting them in their freezers at home. I went under cover for the proof and went to the manager with my findings...unlikely though you didn't get rid of this women working until the morning..which starts my problem with her..she complained to the manager yesterday and today about me getting coffee and made false complaints when I was sitting in the foyer waiting for my ride to come. I am totally and perminately disabled. And think a retraining of customer services for workers to customers should be mandatory to all the workers at the North point drive and since she is complaining on me she knows I got them busted. So there that's the whole story from start to finish. Thank you, but as long as she is at that store I will tell everyone to never go to Kroger for their shopping and should be shut down..thank you sirs and have a nice day. Mr. Howerton of Durham.

Jan 14, 2016

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