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Kroger / employee complaint (reported to union but no response)

1 7505 N Macarthur Blvd.Irving, TX, United States
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Over the past six months or so, I have noticed several adverse changes to kroger's management that have been of concern to me. I have been reluctant to bring them up (as well as several of my coworkers) due to fear of retaliation, but I now need to formally express my concerns because things have not improved after verbally expressing my concerns. I believe kroger as a whole and this specific location has always been good to me and I used to enjoy my work until recently. The following are my list of grievances that I would like to bring to your attention.

1. Since july, I have been working at the bakery department about 1-2 times a week, when my job title at kroger clearly states, "front end/ clerk". This being said, it seems that I have been the only one or for the most part, told to work at the bakery department, while I do not see anyone else other than one other employee, from another department, providing a hand in the bakery department as I have been. Section 9.02 from article 9 on working conditions states "senior employees affected will not be forced to work" and section 9.08 from the same article states "where additional employees are needed the junior employees must work in inverse seniority order by store" (ufcw local 1000, june 2014-june 2020). I have been working at kroger for over 10 years, so to keep in mind of my seniority level of working for over 10 years, other employees that have been working for less than 10 years should really be the ones to help out in other departments, if needed. Though I have told my store manager, jesse, and department superior, muhmmand, multiple times that I do not wish to work at the bakery department since it affects my health at my age (causing my heart rate to rise because I am asked to work faster and faster that I can't keep up with), they still continue to force me to work there against my will. To add, I had been told in the beginning, by muhmmand that this is only temporary until they hire an employee to work at this department; however, it is now end of december, several new employees have been hired since then, and still I am being told to work at the bakery department.

2. December 28th at around 1:30 or 1:35pm, I was asked to take out the trash by the bakery manager, roderick, before I went on my break. I ended up taking about 5-10 minutes extra on my break due to the reason that I was feeling a bit light headed. After I returned, roderick, told me that I had taken an hour break, which I did not, and that he would inform this to the store manager, jesse. I stand against this accusation, which is incorrect, and if need be, please feel free to check the store camera for verification.

I feel like I am constantly being harassed here and lately it has been worse, which is affecting my health by the time I get home after work. A lot of these issues have not been brought up until now because I felt that I would be reprimanded for bringing up these grievance to the union, since this has happened in the past, where my work life has become more challenging.

The above-mentioned statements are true to my best knowledge. These list of grievance are not intended to be directed towards any specific person. I only wish to resolve them professionally and adequately.


Devyani patel

Jan 9, 2019

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