KP's Auto Service / Purchase of a car

Oshawa, ON, Canada

Purchased a used car from KP's Auto Sales and Service in Oshawa on King Street. The car was purchased with a certification done by the same business and owner selling the vehicle. Five days later the car didn't feel right to me. Brought back to the garage (under a 30day warranty for safety components only). Owner Kevin Spears would not honour the warranty. Upset because I knew something was wrong with the vehicle I called Ministry of Transportation who did an inspection of the vehicle and pulled the car off the road. Vehicle that was sold to me certified had a broken brake line, whole in the exhaust and rocker panels (helps keep the emissions from entering the vehicle) that were so rotted out the car could not be lifted on suspension. I was told this vehicle that my daughter and I had been driving could of killed someone or ourselves. Ministry of Transportation asked the garage if they would fix it. Car was in the garage for a week getting fixed when I received it back they had switched out the tires for one, one of them having a bulge that is another possible disaster waiting as tires with a bulge are known to eventually blow and usually when driving. Ministry of Transportation did not uphold any of their laws or legislation i.e. Motor Vehicles Act, 2002. This vehicle had a broken brake line and nothing was done. Ministry of Transportation was a huge disappointment. They were more concerned with making friends/buddies out of the mechanics/owner of the garage rather then public safety and people's lives. Not sure why we even certify vehicles or have MTO as both KP's Auto Sales and Service and MTO are a big joke to me.

Jul 25, 2016

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