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Kiyoseki / It is a piece of crap

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This is the worst flat iron out there. Got the flat iron used it less than 10 days and it burned a huge piece of my daughters hair out down to the root! Then malfunctioned and never came back on. I immediately called customer service and told them what happen all I asked for was to return it and receive a flat iron that wasn't defective. So they said they would send me a shipping label. I waited 2 weeks no label called back in I spoke to a rep she did apologize and said she would email me a label and did I have any other questions I said OK I do. That’s when the *** began! I asked will I be given another 30 days to try the product since it did tear up before I had the chance to actually use it. Giving them the benefit that this product already damaged my daughter’s hair I was willing to give them a second chance. I was informed that I would be charged the first initial payment and they said no I wouldn't have 30 days again. Then I was MAD! I ask to speak with a supervisor, at first I was refused the right to speak to one but after about 30 minutes I had to get very irate and Stephanie (the Supervisor) finally got on the phone an she was no help very Rude and not helpful I had to argue my point with her about having the right to try the product for 30 days before getting charged and she didn't see it that way. She actually hung up after making her final point to me when I asked to speak with her supervisor told me no. So I finally after calling multiple times spoke with the Manager Rosa. She promised she would correct my account and make it right. this was on July 29 or 30th told me to call back the next day and tell her what I wanted her to do with my account because she gave me a couple of options. I did this the next day when I made my choice I was told I couldn't speak to her and was hung up on by a rep Angela I tried explaining that she told me to call back and her reply to me when I told her if she wasn't available that I would try back later WATEVER ! I mean what kind of place is this that their reps and supervisors have no training on how to handle Customers and have no telephone etiquette. So to say this is Aug 30, 2008 I still haven't received a return label still not been able to speak with Rosa the manager to fix my account and the second payment is fixing to be drafted from my account. This *** me off my advice to anyone is stay away from this flat iron. For 1 its junk for 2 they do not appreciate the people who are actually paying their paycheck! Without us buying products for the Tristar Company they won’t be a company .This is an awful company, and a terrible product. I think we all need to complain to the BBB. All file some sort of lawsuit against the company.

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  • A
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    This flat iron is terrible. It worked great the first time. I used it about 6 times then it shorted out and melted my hair.

  • Pa
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    I just got off the phone with the customer (non-service) so called rep at Kiyoseki. What a joke! What a waste of money. My flat iron just stopped working. I bought it in October 2008 and it stopped by beginning of January 2009. Perfect convenience for the company to lure people into spending that kind of money and NOT MAKE GOOD on it. Can you imagine, they want me to send more money for a replacement?

    Bad Business for sure. This company should be investigated.

  • Te
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    I purchased the Kiyoseki styler in 8/08 for $140.94 w/ 2 year warranty @ $10.00. The product worked wonderfully! Till March 2009. March 24, 2009, I turned the styler on, it reached temp, and then shut off and would not turn back on, even waiting a full day and retrying and I tried the reset button. Just went dead. Spoke w/Neil at Kystler (18007740922) who issued me a new Kstyler and declined for me to send the old one back.

    July 4th 2009 turned on Kstyler, reached temp, shut off. Same scenario as above.

    July 6th spoke w/Jenn. I could either send the styler to PO Box 3007, Wallingford, CT 06492 for $19.95 and I could get another one or I could send it to 500 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06495 and get my money back knowing I am well out of the 60 day return. I explained to her that I can't have a piece of equipment as unreliable as this and per their website and please note the last Q/A:

    Q. Is my Kiyoseki covered by a warranty?
    A. Yes, every Kiyoseki is covered by a manufacturers 60-Day Limited Warranty!

    Q. Procedure for Warranty Repairs or Replacement
    A. If warranty service is necessary, the original purchaser must pack the product securely and send it postage paid with a description of the defect, proof of purchase, and a check or money order for $19.99 to cover return postage and handling to the following address: Tristar Products Inc., P.O. Box 3007, Wallingford, CT 06492

    Q. How do I go about returning my Kiyoseki?
    A. If you’re not 100% satisfied- for any reason- contact a Kiyoseki Customer Service Representative at (973) 287-5181 for a full refund or credit (Excluding shipping upon return).

    While copying my receipts to send the product for a refund, I noted that they want a Return Authorization number. I called back again to Customer Service and got Chris who said that I can't send my unit back to that address (500 Returns Road) as I am out of the 60 days. I explained to him what Jenn had said moments earlier to which he replied that that was wrong. Now I feel even more secure in their customer service quality and ethics, especially as after reviewing my account, Chris said Neil was wrong back in March 2009 for sending me a new unit! I stated I do not want another product as I can't have them continuing to die. I have a Conair from when I was 15 yrs old that STILL works! Note I am 36 yrs old! I don't want another Kystler as they have proven faulty. There is something apparently wrong w/their equipment for them to just die...stop working! He said there was nothing that they could do. And I said OK, and I would be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as this sounds shabby. If I sold a product, I would stand by it. I am a RN and believe in strong work ethics and a conscience! Something is faulty with this product. It's a great styler when it works...but to have it just die on you...

    I am really disappointed in the customer service. I really had hoped to reach a resolution w/customer service. I have filed a complaint w/the Better Business Burea and will not be buying or recommending any Tristar products in the future.
    Michelle T.
    South Carolina

  • Co
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    Kiyoseki - Fragile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    New Zealand

    it was absolutely wonderful and was like the as seen on tv ads had showen but the one i was using broke as i was cleaning the tongs, i was so shocked that something that expensive could be broken so easily! You'd think they'd upgrade the materials or something!!??

  • Lo
      4th of May, 2010
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    I think this is the best hair styler i have ever used! it IS worth the 100 bucks. I dropped mine and it doesn't work anymore and i cried! it makes your hair silky smooth and looks absolutely gorgeous :) i think you guys are just on crack!

  • Bi
      11th of Aug, 2010
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    I totally understand i really thought it was only myself who had a malfunction, this hair straightner did wonder's on my hair for about 4 months before it just wouldnt turn on then i brought a second one and that burnt of a chunk of my hair, like wise i cant get help to fix it i live in new zealand, is anyone able to help with phone numbers so i can get information from them please, this is crazy no wonder these are taken off our ads now, it said life time warranty. WHAT A JOKE!!!

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