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Kirby / Horrible Job

1 1124 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham, OR 97030, Gresham, OR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (503) 489-0782

I worked for Kirby,
First of all, ANYONE and everyone gets hired. I found this to be because the turn-over rate is OUTRAGEOUS. I didn't have a car and had to take a bus 2-1/2 hours to get to work every single day. Yes we were to work 7 days a week and there was no "clock-out" time, you finished your day when your "driver-leader" decided that they were done. Most of the time I got there at 7AM and didn't get back to the branch until 10PM. Mind you there are NO breaks, you don't get to stop for food, you must bring your own, and the only time to eat if you brought food or if someone was kind enough to share was while you were driving to your next selling area. Now, hairs the other thing. They have "door-knockers" people who go and set appointments for you the "show-cares" to go and show the vacuum. Now unless you NEVER wanted to sell anything or if you wanted to share your profit if the "door-knockers" DID actually set you an appointment (yes that's right if they got you an appointment and you sold something they got a slice of the money just for getting you in the door) and they NEVER set appointments mainly because they got paid regardless, weather you sell or no one does! So if you were like me, you walked ALL day long getting doors slammed in your face, or vacuuming homes for free to show a 1500$ you knew they never wanted or CLEARLY couldn't afford. Which leads me to the next issues. The drives always took us to very low income area where people CLEARLY couldn't afford these things! Also, your driver-leader would come in if you were close to making a sell, and finish the sell for you, and this is where is got really frustrating, after you up-show this thing make it TOTALLY worth the 1500$ 3 yr 150$ finance plan they come in and cut whatever you told them IN HALF! not only do you look like a but you lose all of that money you could have made just so that they could MAKE SURE with out a doubt this person bought it and they could mark on their little sheet that THEY sold another vacuum, after did all the work.
It got to the point, where "knocked myself in" meaning I didn't need anyone to get me into houses or set appointments, I was able to show the machine and taught myself how to fill out the paperwork to finalize a sell, just to make sure that I was able to maybe get some sort of money.
Now, hears the thing. The people who don't knock on doors, or drive the stupid van and finalize the sells, the people who show the product do the hard work, if you didn't sell a certain amount of vacuums per-2 didn't get paid...
Now, I sold 5 vacuums in 1 month the first month i worked there, I'd like to think it's because I honestly needed the money, am a great saleswomen, and my looks helped people feel comfortable letting me into their homes. Now I can't remember at what price each of them I sold were but I ended up quitting because after a month of working 30 straight days, sometimes sleeping in the office because it was too late to catch a bus home, losing 5 pounds from being too broke to afford food and working 13-15 hour days I still didn't get paid a dime...
They did things to make me feel good like had me stand in front of my co-workers as they clapped and asked me to tell them how I made a sell, and how I was able to knock myself into their house without needing help, then they would give me a goodies, like a perfumer set from Walmart, or have me grab from the " pig" which was full of pieces of scratch paper and 1$ bills anytime i made a sell they would do this. They also did this all the time for me because I would knock myself into so many houses that I would give away some of my appointments to others who didn't or couldn't do it.
The first couple of times I enjoyed it. Felt good because all of my co-workers were just as new as me expect the drivers/leaders (they were a new branch) so it felt good being able to share what I knew to try and help. But then...the 2 week no one but me and one of the leaders were selling, and during our morning meetings when I got all the goodies and shared my tells, these meetings turned into down putting, awful meetings, using me as a tool. "Why can't you guys brush your hair, put on a smile and try like (me) does" says the manager/team leader
So finally I broke out during a meeting saying I needed to talk to someone
I was pulled aside and told my manager I haven't been paid I can't make it to work because I can't afford bus fair and I am getting sick from lack of sleep and he handed me a 20$ told me to go get some food next door and when we got back from our driving today he would take me home and buy me some bus tickets. I lost it, I ran out told all my co-workers what had happened, gave the homeless girl who slept outside anywhere near the branch she could to get to work, and begged from a ride home, I was given a ride home, and 10 other people quit with me, I got home borrowed my fathers car, bagged up a bunch of clothes that didn't fit or I could spare, while my mother bagged up veggies fruites and drinks. I drove back and picked up my first car load to take people home when I retuened from more the cops were there to let me know that I was no allowed or I was be tresspassing, the others had no problem waiting down the street from me to come and get was so sad.

it took them 2 months to get me my paycheck which i sold 5 vaccumes anywhere from [protected]$ and I was given 140$...

Jul 31, 2015

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