KinnertonGlue on thier chocolate

My wife and I purchased 3 of your calendars this year for our children(as we have done for several years) one of them being the Disney Advent Calendar I have emailed Kinnerton before as I found Glue on Day 3 of the Advent Calendar it was over the packaging and on to the chocolate. I then again discovered glue on the chocolate on day 23...its a good job I was weary and checking these otherwise our 12 yr old would have eaten the chocolate and the he has adhd and would have been somewhat oblivious to the glue.

I would be disgusted if I found glue on any food stuffs but to find it on Chocolate on a Childs advent calendar is really unexpected and worrying...Thank god my youngest never got the calendar otherwise he would be in hospital now...

No-one from Kinnerton replied the last I am mailing them again and also posting it here, I do have the Calendar and the Chocolates with the Glue on them still, I kept them for analysis purposes...and proof.
I hope something can be done about their packaging process and their quality control is obviously not up to scratch
Regards Matt

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