Betty Crocker Complaints & Reviews

Betty Crockerbuttercream frosting

I purchased Betty crocker butter cream frosting 12 ounce that says you can frost a 9 inch 2 layer cake. I couldnt even frost the sides, it was embarrassing as I made this cake for company that day. I always bought betty crocker frostings but lately the quantity is smaller, I absolutely will not buy 2 frostings to frost one cake. That is what it seems you want the consumer to do. Such a shame.

Betty Crockerfudge brownies

I baked a Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix, It wasn't until when I cut into them, I found something that had to of been IN the mix. This of course was after my son had already had a piece, looked like a piece of a package or label of some sorts. I could make out some writing that said "powder" . Definitely not something I had! It was definitely not very appetizing after finding that. I think in the future it might make me steer clear of Betty Crocker's brownie mixes and buy a different brand .

fudge brownies
fudge brownies
fudge brownies

Betty Crockerred velvet cake mix

I purchased a red velvet cake mix never bought the mix before on the box looks lovely white ice frosting over it got it for grandaughter to bake
Upon opening only the mix was inside all it says on box you will need fresh eggs couldn't bake the cake no frosting inside so had to go and buy a tub of frosting the next day not happy with the way you are conned into thinking yer all I need is eggs not true won't be buying Betty Crocker products again I will stick to other cake mixes that every thing you need in

  • SubSquirrel Mar 18, 2019

    If you read the boxes they clearly state that eggs, oil and water are needed. Nowhere on the box did it say frosting was included, right? It says something along the lines of “suggested serving” or words to that effect.

    Common sense says to read the instructions to see what is needed and if you need ingredients. There are many products I don’t buy but I’d read the packaging before I’d buy it. Home Ec teaches that in fourth grade. Virtually every television commercial for cake mixes says “just add eggs, oil and water’ to show how easy it is to bake a cake.

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Betty Crockersupreme lemon bars

I purchased a box of lemon bar mix yesterday. I came home and baked them, as directed on the box. I have used this product many times and have always been pleased. Not so yesterday. I had to throw them out. I baked the crust, as directed. While mixing the lemon filling with eggs and water, I noticed the consistency was different. It was very sticky and wanted to form into large lumps, rather than a few small ones. I actually used a knife to try and cut these large lumps. I poured it on lower layer and hoped for the best. When finished baking, the lemon had all gone to bottom of pan and was hard as a rock. Top layer was a white tasteless bubble in top of pan. Something is seriously wrong with this mixture and it should be recalled at once. This is a brainless recipe, so impossible to mess it up, if not defective in the box.

Betty Crockerchicken helper crispy cheddar bacon chicken

Product was purchased at woodman's in onalaska, wisconsin. Use by date 16jun2017 hn 2 b 0845.
The seasoning and bread crumb packages are both labeled "bread crumbs". So when I made the noodles, what I thought was cheese, was in fact breadcrumbs. So now my dinner is #. I wasted money I really don't have. And you guys kinda suck now. I get it mistakes happen.. But. Still really sucks. I wasted a lot of food I don't have.

chicken helper crispy cheddar bacon chicken
chicken helper crispy cheddar bacon chicken
chicken helper crispy cheddar bacon chicken

Betty Crockerhamburger helper

march 6th 2017 I am poor used the last little bit of meat I had to make hamburger helper cooked the meat opened the box added the ingredients per instructions then oh my god little black worm looking things come out the box in my pan (last of my meat) was too late to save the meat so I will not be eating for awhile now and I will never buy hamburger helper again!!! the upc # is(was)[protected]-3 expiration date:may 22 2017 I put everything in a sealed plastic bag as not to contaminate my home so I cannot take a picture code #cf030287 I do not have a receipt I don't keep them I would really like a refund or some sort of resolution I lost my meat (1 lb hamburger) my dinner for myself and my daughter who cannot eat now

Betty Crocker — worm in soup

I was eating a can of progresso beef and vegetable soup and found a worm. It was about an inch long, white and had big dark red eyes. I emailed in my complaint and have not heard...