Kingcade Garcia McMakentimothy kingcade is a dirtbag

Da Miami, FL Review updated:

Jo estaba destroyedo finacialmente. El me dijo que solo tenia gue pagar cierto canditadad. Despues me dijo que tengo que darle mucho mas deniero despues que ja le page. Descuple mi espanol es mas oh menos. Si no le doy mas dinero el se queda con toda de la cantidad de dinero que yo se lo de. Yo trate de habla con el que you no tengo el dinero. El lo sabia toda estabe en frente de el legalmente. El dijo basicamente que te vaja a [protected]@r. Yo pider el dinero de mi madre. De digo a verdad yo nunca ve a la Garcia en la officina. El es un gringo que existe para houder los hispanos que no lear los detailes que firman. You tambien soy culpable de eso.

In English, this guy is a total ###.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Miami, FL I was screwed financially. He told me it was a certain amount for my bankruptcy. I did not read the fine print and he said he wants over 60 percent of what I intially gave him or he keeps my money and does nothing with it except maybe add flowers to his Kincade building. I showed him my financials and he knew I did not have it. He basically said go screw your self. I borrowed the money from Mom. Thank God for her. Add to boot I never saw a Garcia in the building nor did the paralegals. Oh and God forbid you need help after he takes your money. The only ones that may help you are his overworked paralegals. Because he is just a salesman during peak hours of dumba*ses coming to his office because of his advertisements. Yours truely one of the Dumba#ses

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  • Cy
      Dec 10, 2007
    Timothey Kincade & Garcia - Terrible attorney!
    Timothey kincade & garcia
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    This attorney took us all the way to the finale hearing but since my husband and i had a personal disagreement. This attorney decided to withdraw and keep our three thousand dollars.

    Beware people!

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  • At
      Nov 25, 2008

    I completely disagree with the comments of this client. The rules of ethics prohibit me from commenting about his specific case but my office files over 1, 200 bankruptcy cases a year with very few complaints. We are a premier consumer bankruptcy law firm. We have limited our practice to bankruptcy and foreclosure since 1996. My office also maintains an open door policy towards the clients and all client's meet with me, Attorney Kingcade, when there is a problem. Unfortunately, some clients fail to look inward when their cases don't turn out exactly as planned but this client - as all others - have direct access to me via office appointment or email if there is a problem.

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  • Du
      Dec 02, 2008

    I went to Mr. Kingcade after my business failed and my house was in foreclosure. He was very professional and the fees were fair. More importantly, for me anyway, was how much he cared about me personally. He handled all of my legal matters perfectly. He answered all of my emails keeping me informed all along. I would recommend him to anyone with foreclosure or debt problems.

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  • Jm
      Jan 26, 2009

    I have recently hired Timothy Kingcade as my attorney. I met with him and also have been communicating with him via email ever since. Each time I send him an email he responds within minutes. I will post again after my case is complete, but I am sure it will be a positive posting.

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  • St
      Mar 10, 2009

    I met with Mr. Kingcade and found him to be professional and courteous. He recommended a great divorce attorney and went above and beyond what I initially paid him for which was to handle phone calls received by creditors and to eventually handle my bankruptcy. His advice on the divorce attorney was dead on and I was extremely satisfied. His office is always busy which tells me that he must know what he is doing and after having met with him personally, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable. I am not a fan of attorneys but when I need one, I want (and am willing to pay for) the best. He certainly fits the bill...

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  • Ne
      Jun 12, 2009

    I agree!!! The worst representation EVER!!! You are not even treated as a person. I wouldn't doubt if these positive posts are actually put up by HIM!!!

    A total salesman!!! unprofessional with cheap employees WHO WEAR UNIFORMS!!!

    They do not care about the client. It is really a terrible experience. The client becomes on member in a herd of cattle!

    I don't know why people would even work for him. I was embarrassed by my decision to hire him. I couldn't get a meeting with him! I was given awful advice. I was clueless! I fired him and talked to other local attorneys. They laughed at me when I told them who I was using.

    I ended up winning my case! WITH NO HELP FROM HIM!!!

    He has a terrible reputation among the lawyers in the area. HE IS A JOKE AMONG HIS PEERS!

    I hope this helps someone...

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  • Ga
      Jul 17, 2009

    My wife and I hired Timothy Kingcade to do our joint Chap13 case. He seemed very professional and answered our questions quite well. He told me he'd take our case for $800. I paid him. I was shocked to find on the court paperwork weeks later, that his fee was a total of $2, 500 and he was to get the balance of $1, 700 from my payment plan. Talk about hidden fees. Then, surprisingly, sometime after 36 months of payments (out of 60), he and Garcia split. She got the Chap13s while he kept the Chap7s.

    Now with Garcia, she is a total douchebag! She won't return call or emails.

    I'm going to complain to the Bar about both of them, and will never recommend either.

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  • Mi
      Aug 06, 2010

    PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHO THREW THE MIRACLE GRO ALLLLLLL OVER THIS GUYS CHARACTER DEFECTS? I agree with the gentleman above... my experience meeting with this guy was COMPLETELY ATROCIOUS! For starters, his office and staff treat you like the typical bankruptcy mill would as soon as you walk in. I was told to hurry up and finish his gazillion page questionnaire before meeting with him, even though he wasn't ready when I had finally finished completing that nightmare of a questionnaire. When I finally met with this guy, he gave me about 10 minutes of his time. About half of the 10 minutes of my experience was spent listening to him yap in an egotistical, narcissistic, I'm a genius in my own mind sort of way. The other 3 minutes of my experience was spent watching him play with his computer and looking over his postal mail (not kidding), while he was still raving about how wonderful he was. And then the last 2 minutes of my experience was spent listening to him tell me what he thinks I should do (not knowing diddly squat about my case since he was too busy yapping, raising his voice, playing with his computer and opening his postal mail), telling me how I should hire him because he's the best and so on and so forth. Ugh... seriously, this place and my experience was absolutely hideous! Do yourself a favor and hire a real, personable attorney (hard to believe, but there are a few out there) who genuinely cares for your well-being and takes the time necessary to go over all of your finances and your current situation. I ended up finding one of the most reputable attorneys in Miami after I left this guys office and I haven't looked back since!

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  • Gr
      Aug 20, 2010

    Staff was pleasant to me, I was in and out in no time. was asked to pay additional fees at the end as well because " the amount of your money owed is more than what you told us in the beginning" ( first red flag). At my meeting to go over the finances it was determined that I could not do a 7 because I made too much money, they do not do 13 so I had to find a different lawyer. They returned roughly 1/2 of the money I gave them. My new lawyer had me go over my sched J to review daily/weekly/monthly expenses (even gave me examples to follow). Turns out I can file 7; I did and was discharged a while back. Sure wish I was given the same TLC at my first meeting with these guys. What should have been a few thousand dollars turned into much more. End result, CHOOSE YOUR LAWYERS CAREFULLY. Some are all about $$.

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  • Vi
      Feb 29, 2012

    Mantenganse alejados de este abogado. Solo lo ves el primer dia donde tu consulta es gratis, ahi te dira lo que quieras oir, solo estara seguro que puedes calificar para una bancarrota 7 y jamas te explicara que tienes la opcion de la bancarrota 13 aun si es mas conveniente para ti. Estate seguro de consultar otros abogados. Los problemas apareceran despues que pagues, ah y a proposito el pago NO ES REFUNDABLE asi que estaras atrapado entre empleados que no saben que hacen y un abogado (probablemente de los mas caros de Miami) que jamas hablara contigo para explicarte absolutamente nada

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  • An
      Oct 04, 2012

    I worked for this two, Kingcade & Garcia, they fought like cats and dogs, she once threw a three hole puncher at him too bad she missed, i made his coffee every morning when he arrived put it on his desk and I never got a thank you, then one day i got fired for telling him your wife told me to do something the next day she calls me in her office and says Tim doesnt want you here anymore since you said "your wife" wth!!! isn't that what you are, she says when we are here am his partner...lmao!!! then don't act like a wide throwing shi*!

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  • Al
      Jul 15, 2019

    @anexployeehappytogo Please call me regarding this law firm. [protected] Ali
    Thank you

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  • Li
      Aug 02, 2019

    @Ali O Are you also a past employee of his?

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  • Ki
      Jan 02, 2013

    I too hired Anthony Kingcade to handle a foreclosure. He told me I would be able to keep the property for at least 2 years and that after 1 year we would reconvene to see what direction we wanted to go - bankruptcy, short sale, etc... I NEVER received any documents from him, court notifications, phone call, etc... Needless to say, much sooner than one year, I receive (1) document from his office stating I had to turn over the house to the bank as the judge had already given me an extension to stay after the foreclosure had taken place. WTH the foreclosure had taken place without my knowledge? What about all of the hearings that take place before that? I was not able to go in front of a judge and let them hear me out? Guess what, this USELESS lawyer tried to place the blame on some other lawyer in his office. Someone I had not hired, never met with or spoken to. He knew he had MESSED up so bad, he gave me back ALL of my with a little pressure... it was that or I was going straight to the FL BAR. No license and he can't continue to lie, cheat and con other innocent victims. TAKE YOUR MONEY AND BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!

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  • Ki
      Jun 03, 2013

    DO NOT HIRE THIS DUDE!!! HE AND HIS OFFICE ARE A JOKE!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY IN YOUR FACE!!! Whoever feel the same please contact me [protected], please give your full information so I contact you later we already have 2 more people we are trying to go to DADE COUNTY BAR ASSC. to put a claim against this dude Kingcade. if we get enough people we can file a lawsuit against him to cancel his license, so he won't take advantage to innocent people.
    NO CONTRATAR A ESTE INDIVIDUO!!! EL Y SU OFICINA SON UNA BURLA!!! ELLOS TE ROBARAN TU DINERO EN LA CARA!!! Quien se sienta de la misma manera por favor contactarme [protected], dejar su information detallada para comunicarme luego, ya somos mas de 2 personas q vamos a ir a DADE COUNTY BAR ASSC para poner un reclamo a este individuo, si encontramos gente suficiente vamos a someter una demanda encontra de el para revocarle la licensia y no tome ventaja de mas gente inocente.

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  • Ki
      Nov 10, 2014

    Kincaid was a Terrible Experience. Not because of the bankruptcy which is a painful process initself but because you hire an attorney for legal advise (that is why they are called counselors). The attorney from the trustee was perhaps more helpful and he was in awe about how Kincaid handle my case. Very Unprofessional did not legally understand my case and I ended up paying 30K out of my total debt of 90K + 4K attorney fees (for him). So was it worth it to ruin my credit and paid half of what I owed? No This is the legal advise that if due dilligence upfront is done you understand. He did not review my case and/or did a risk analysis with me.

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  • Mi
      Jun 05, 2015

    I hired Kingcaid and Garcia back in 2011 for our bankruptcy. Terrible service, only met with him 15 min for the payment terms. Never saw him again. Delt with his staff the rest of the proceedings. I told him not to include my house in the chapter 7 bankruptcy. That we wanted to re-affirmed our debt with our mortgages. He never filed the re-affirmation aggrement. After I called his office many times requesting it. Now 4 years after filing, I'm trying to re-finance the house and I was told I cannot because the house was included in the bankruptcy. Now I don't even know if we own our house. Now I have to jump through hoops to fix a problem that it was Mr.Kingcades mistake. I already asked him about it and just to retreive my files he is charging me $300. He charged us so much money that we had to pay him in payments for over 6 months. The only reason we had to do this was because I was laid off from my job and we had some credit cards we could not pay. He is a very unprofessional person. Does not help you what so ever and it is very nasty when you ask smart questions that he does not like. When I asked him for a little more time to pay, he gave me an extension for 3 months and charged me another $300. I think we all should get together and file a class action suit against Mr.Kingcade for misinterpretation, lying, stealing money. The court only charges $250 for a bankruptcy filing. The paper work is not as hard as it seems. The only things that you have to do is compile all the information together and do it yourself. A lawyer that does not have a heart and does not care for the people he represent should not be in business. I agree with all the negetative comments about him.

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  • Al
      Jul 15, 2019

    @Midiala I agree with you. Contact me if you can regarding Timothy Kingcade.

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  • Sm
      Mar 24, 2016

    Do not hire this LOW LIFE who MASQUERADES as an ATTORNEY WHO CARES!!! The entire office practice a culture of deceit.

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