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This is the absolute worst company to work for. I have been a teacher for 2 years at this particular center, and the teachers and staff are treated so unfairly. The director and assistant director act like they are God's gift to families, when in reality, they are nightmares. They lie to all the families just to earn trust, and they treat the children badly too. Children are switched from classroom to classroom each day, and when they have behavior issues, we are left to deal with them on our own, without they support we need from management. Maybe if these children had more stability in our center, the behavior issues wouldn't seem like such a big deal. Staff's hours are constantly cut, and most do not even get an 8 hour work day, but are forced to take 2-3 hour breaks. It's sick. When an issue comes up that you need help with, you are told to deal with it and that they won't help out. Children who have learning disabilities are forced to be ignored, because they do not want to deal with the families and don't want to invest in their futures. They are so wrapped up with themselves. How can we expect to be professional, when the management lacks that skill?

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  • Je
      10th of Apr, 2010

    I completely agree...I have worked for Kindercare for 3 years now and in the last year have gotten a new director and then what is now an assistant director. My director hired this girl, who got fired from another daycare facility and is under investigation for child abuse/neglect...she was hired making more then everyone and then was promoted and supposed to be helping with NAEYC, but somehow became management and doesnt even have her CDA yet? Yet i was forced to take the classes otherwise i would have lost my classroom, and i love my boss is useless and we complain about the child abuser but nothing ever gets done about her...the company itself treats us employees like crap also...has anyone seen a raise in the last three years, i know no one at my center has...

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  • Ca
      10th of Jun, 2011

    I work in the same environment as these fellow Kindercare workers. I've been with this facility for 5 years now and it has only gotten worse. I have been working in this field pretty close to 20+ years now and yet, I have the hardest time understanding the "Kindercare Shuffle"...I was taught that young children need consistency! They need to feel safe and secure in their environment and I thought that was what good quality childcare is all about...? It's my opinion that Kindercare has lost sight of this...again, we all know that the higher the ratio (of children-teachers), the lower the quality of care. Hello??? What book did Corp. study from??? Yes, I can understand in our present economy there's a need to cut costs here and there, but when working with young children whom spend the better part of the day with us, shouldn't we be trying to create an environment that is nurturing and safe and conducive to learning? As a teacher, how can I expect a child who is crying 'cuz he wants to be with "his" teacher, to learn anything??? I feel for those children that are (still undiagnosed) with disabilities...change is the last thing those children need. If you stop and look at some of the behavior problems/acting's a young child saying, "I don't like it here!" Don't even get me started with any type of "fairness" with our management and employees. There is such blantant favoritism that I even called Corp. to question/adddress the issue. Has anything been done?? Now our CD has caught wind of those of us who are applying and interviewing at other schools...and she wants to know why???? Moral is low and she created it by playing her "favorite" and then allowing this person to walk around for 8 hrs trying to look busy because she only has 5 children enrolled in her class. If I only had 5 in my class, I'd be sent home!!! But not this person...a full 8 hour shift!!! But those of us that actually work with a full class, our hours are cut to no more than 7 hours...if that. And then the "quality of expectation in the classroom" can we achieve that if our hours are cut and the children we have in our classrooms are not age appropriate??? What can a teacher accomplish in a classroom mostly comprised of three yr. olds when the ciriculum is set for Pre-K???
    How can we "enhance" our classrooms when we're not in it??? These issues really need to be addressed and I've tried to use our "employee hotline" but I guess they must really busy. Hmmmmm.

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  • Di
      15th of Jul, 2012

    I worked for a Kindercare for 11 years. I was fired because I gave the wrong bottle to a baby. I am not disputing my firing. I know I had to be fired. BUT other girls did the same thing and were not fired. I was fired because we got a new director who was a lot stricter. She just wanted her own people in. Funny thing is all the friends she hired did not work out. We also had a woman who left a child on a bus and the child had to go into emergency and she was not fired. My hrs. were either cut or I had to work over. I was never able to go at my allotted time. We had to totally suck up to parents to the extent of lying to them. The director would tell them of services offered that were totally never offered. Bottom line, it's a business. It's all about the money not the kids. They will take anyone, even kids who should be in special schools, with autism, etc. Kids we were not educated to work with. Just for the money. I am glad I am out. I miss the kids but sick of all the corporate stuff we had to put up with. Who cares if the bulletin boards are a certain color for God sakes?

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  • Kl
      25th of Nov, 2012

    I deal with the same thing. My center is a mess. Children will be crying and begging to stay in my class room, where they belong but instead of having 1 of the many extra staff hanging outside smoking to come work with me so i can stay in ratio, I am forced to move kids into another classroom. It breaks my heart. I adore these kids, but i cant stand working for Kindercare. The heat has been broken in our room for 4 weeks now. I have to wear a jacket and so do the kids, we have fleas in the carpet, we dont have the right materials for the curriculum because of the budget. I sometimes go out to craft stores and will buy items so my kids can learn and have fun and not do the same thing everyday. It upset me to know that these directors still get away with it all.

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