[Resolved] KinderCare Educationdirector and director assistant not reporting abuse

On 8/9/2017 I reported Ms Ashley to my director Ms Denise Goetz and Ms Sarah assistant director she was physically abusing the children in our classroom Ms Sarah took notes down as I told her that Ms Ashely had pushed one child bybthe head and yelled for him to sit down he fell and started crying at nap time she slammed several children down on their mats and forcefully forced their heads down.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Wellington, FLI then took my lunch and they both called me into Ms Denise's office they then repeated back to me what I had told Ms Sarah and I verified that was what I had witnessed they then said go to lunch they would watch her on the cameras when I got back they took her out of the room Ms sarah came into my classtoom and said she was fired and she admitted to everything that they would handle the rest of reporting her and notifying the parents. I didnt see any investigations happen over the next 2 weeks so I had a suspicion it was never reported to anyone. A parent asked me what happened and I assumed they knew they said they were never told why Ms Ashley left. I then knew it wasnt reported ao I reported it to the authorities as a mandated reporter. Dcf came and investigated during such Ms Denise and Ms Sarah lied about what I reported and said i said she was aggressive and that they knew it was me who reported them and they are very upset with me. I felt I would get retaliation due to doing the right/Legal thing so I resigned. They then made a report on Ms Ashley after it had already been 2 weeks. They let child abuse go unknown and did not report it to the authorities. This was at Cambridge in Wellington florida.

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    Legal investigation was done

Sep 06, 2017

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