Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]I am complaining about customer service.

I went to KFC in Hueytown Alabama and I received poor service. I was placing an order for a liver dinner and the young lady stated that the livers are cooked to order. I told her that I know that and she asked me to pull down after I placed my order. I sat and waited for my order almost twenty minutes and that is after I asked the young lady taking an order to another customers car where are my livers. She said the young man inside was bringing them out. The young man was taking an order on the inside with other customers. I am very heated by now.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bessemer, AL My friend gets out the car and goes in and ask what was the problem then they pass the dinner to her and they were barely warm when she got in the car. I had already wasted a lot of time waiting on my order and people behind me getting orders before me. This restaurant service is very poor. Two weeks ago I went to place an order for livers and they turned me away because they had catering orders to get out. What kind of business does this to a paying customer? I am going to let everyone I know about this poor service here at this particular location.

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