Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) / forgetting sides

I recently visited the KFC #J718257, I went thru the drive thru and placed an order for a 10 piece meal deal that I had a coupon for. At the window I paid, and waited for my order, one person was working in the store at the time, that I could see, running the interior and drive thru window. Someone was called in at the time I spent at the window and gave me part of my order, said thank you, and moved on. I thought I had my entire order, I didn't find out that I was shorted all my sides until I got to work. I tried to call several times but no one answered the phone. My ticket number was #1034 and I clearly paid for a 10 piece meal deal. Since I can't contact the local KFC, perhaps you can and tell them, I love KFC, and was looking forward to my sides as well as my chicken. I will not go to this KFC again. I will go to the other KFC that is as close as this one, but my review and any survey would be foul for this KFC. 1st. Don't print a phone number on the receipt that you will not answer, 2nd have more than one person on the floor at one time!.. My receipt #1034 at 5:25pm edt Apr. 2, 2016. I love KFC but wont be back anytime soon.. wanted the coleslaw in the worst way. Crave KFC Chicken and coleslaw. Thanks for letting me vent and please let the store in question know that I expect them to pick up the phone and give me my sides that I paid for!

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