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Kentucky Fried Chicken / no food ready???

1 11713 S. MemorialBixby, OK, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-918-369-5025

My wife and I went to this place and ordered 2 chicken dinners and they didn't have any chicken ready however we were not told this when we gave our order's. They took our money and gave my wife a different order and they gave me my side orders and told me that it would be 20 minutes before the chicken was ready. We waited for at least 25 minutes and they still didn't have it ready!! I got tired of waiting and letting the rest of my food get colder so I took the plate over to the trash can and told them I was NOT going to wait any longer!! They never once offered to give me my money back . What I don't understand is WHY did they seem to have enough food the people going through the drive through and no food for the people that are dining in???????????? I think that they need to reimburse me!!

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  • Ma
      18th of May, 2007
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Unsanitary conditions
    United States

    I have worked in food service for 28 years and have never been in a restaurant that was so dirty, just disgusting... The establishment was Kentucky Fired Chicken in Bemidji, MN Please have the county food inspector check it out real soon before someone gets really sick...

  • Un
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    I recently attempted to eat at a nearby KFC in Sunland, Ca. A woman took my order (who didn't speak fluent English), as I pulled through to the window, it was wide open and I saw flies hovering around the food she was preparing. I watched intently to make sure they did not land on any of my food, which luckily they didn't. I proceeded to pay with my debit card, which I did not have to sign anything or enter my pin so this charge was never authorized. I never received a receipt, so I have to check my bank statement to make sure I was charged the correct amount. When I got home I began to eat, and once I broke apart the chicken I saw that it was very undercooked and still pink. Luckily I did not eat any of the chicken before I had noticed. When I called the store to complain, I asked for the customer service "800 #" and she stated she did not know that number. I asked her if she had it on a poster, and she said no, its nowhere to be found. Three locations later, I finally got the 800 # which is a very difficult number to remember. (800) CALL KFC

    Needless to say I will not be eating KFC ever again, and I will be warning everyone I know to stay clear of the unsanitary and undercooked. Oh, I forgot to mention that the sticker on the drive thrum window proudly stated that they passed food safety regulations in 1997, 10 years ago! A bit outdated don't you think?

  • Li
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    My husband and I visited your Fried Chicken/Taco Bell restaurant in Tappahannock, VA this past Sunday afternoon (9/2). The young lady that took our order (Crystal) apparently was either having a bad day or proceed in her routine nasty customer services. First of all, we stood in line at the chain waiting for her to ask if she could help us, when she didn't we walked up. She very rudely said "here or to go?" with a very mad look on her face. The whole time we were placing our order she continued to stare at us very angerly. My husband asked if she was in a bad mood and she said no, I don't feel well again in a rude way. He asked for the barbecue wing dinner. When she returned from the back with it, it had barbecue sauce mixed in with the mash potatoes and gravy. My husband said I am not going to eat that sloppy looking stuff. She rudely you want me to fix another? That's when my husband decided to ask for a refund. It's no telling what she may have done to the food while she was in the back. She has no people skills and could use a class in communication. We will never eat there again.

  • Mi
      7th of Oct, 2007
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    mine is not a complaint but an idea of an advert for kfc kids that can rock South Africa. I've tried to google the advertising agency but no luck, so please email me on my address above asap before my creativity runs out. I am looking forward to your reply and i'll be waiting patiently. My contact details are:

    please make good use of my email and contacts for i want us to rock with this pitch i have in mind.

  • Ca
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    Please could you confirm if the little child in the advert where they are discussing there weekends in a class room is a girl or a boy.

    Please could you confirm this as soon as possible.

    I would really appreciate your assistance in this.

    Thanks so much!

    Candice PMB SA

  • Ci
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Poor service& food of poor quality
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    677 E. 1st Street
    United States
    Phone: 888-7446

    I have given this branch 3 different chances and every time the chicken is cold and old. Considering the price of these meals they should at least be edible.

  • Jo
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    SUB::Theres no KFC restaurants in kerala.we all need ur food pls ............ i am interested to co operate with kfc.

    (cochin, kerala .INDIA )

  • Do
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    Kentuky Fried Chicken` - Old burger!
    Kentuky Fried Chicken
    South Africa

    I bought a meal for my family and the burger buns were old and hard, someone called me from a call center after i made a complaint, but nothing has happened since.

  • Do
      1st of Feb, 2008
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    On Thursday January 31st, 2008 at aprox., 02:44 pm, I wanted to get out of cooking dinner, so I purchased a bucket of chicken from KFC to take home.

    I picked up my son and his friend from school at 2:55 pm. They smelled the Chicken and it got their appetites going. I don't blame them, it smelled really good.

    When we got home at about 3pm, I got each of us a plate. My son had two legs and half a breast, his friend had two legs and a thigh, and I had two thighs and the other half of the breast.

    The legs and breasts seemed to be cooked okay. However, the thighs were bloody in the middle.

    My first bite was fine, but on the second bite, I got a mouth full of bloody tasting chicken. At first, I could tell by the texture and the temperature that there was something wrong. I only chewed on it for a few seconds. Then came the taste of chicken blood and I spit it out. It was awful.

    I didn't want to scare the kids, or, gross them out, so I did not say anything to them at first. I sat that piece aside and gave it the benefit of the doubt. The kids did not saying anything, so I thought theirs must be okay. I looked at their chicken as they ate, and it appeared to be okay.

    I very cautiously began to eat another thigh. Sure enough the darn thing was raw in the middle. It really ticked me off.

    I am a Chef by trade with over 20 years of institutional quantity prep training. I worked many years as a director of food service. Proper food temperatures, cooking times, storage, and sanitation are most important to health and safety of the public, in the food service industry.

    Trust me, that would not have happened had I been the cook. When there is a large amount of meat/chicken being prepared, I will use a food thermometer on the largest pieces. Especially thighs. They must be 160 or above in the center, next to the bone. I will also wait a few seconds to assure that no blood oozes up out of the hole that I pierced. Only clear juices will ooze.

    It is so very important to cook fried chicken, or, any chicken, thoroughly, with very strict times and temperatures.

    I know these things, because I am a certified foodservice manager, trainer and cook. I was also a director of food service in quantity food prep., and a certified inventory manager as well.

    I am livid at the thought of the incompetence and carelessness of the managers at this KFC regarding their responsibilities to train and supervise food service personnel and cooks. However, I am aware that this is not the majority of well-trained cooks, managers and other food service personnel.

    Point being, I love the flavor of KFC and so do many others. But, in my lifetime, this incident has not been the first bad experience with KFC. This is just the first time that I felt I must bring it out into the public, for the health and safety of others.

    My advice to the public, is to not take for granite that something has been stored or prepared properly, just because it looks good, smells good, or, has a label. Be cautious of foods that you do not prepare yourself. And, raw meats are very dangerous.

    Honestly, after this experience, I doubt if I could really enjoy the privilege and convenience of taking a break from my own kitchen and skipping the hard work it takes to fry my own chicken. Which my son loves, by the way. :0)

    KFC has discouraged me again; I can only say that it is a pity. Some others will probably never return. I must admit, I do like the flavor of KFC chicken.

    Honestly, I have never had undercooked chicken at Popeye's or, Churches or, any other restaurant. As for myself, I have prepared chicken for hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

    By the way, are you wondering about the other thigh, that my son’s friend was eating? I caught him after a few bites. Yes, it was bloody/raw in the middle also. That's when I broke the news to them about mine. I educated them on food preparation and the danger of undercooked meat.

    Here is my challenge to the KFC CEO:

    I am a retired director of food service in institutional quantity prep with experience in fast food, and as a prior convenience store/deli owner and operator, and am experienced in restaurant cooking. Cooking is still one of my hobbies.

    Since I am retired, I would be willing to travel anywhere, as a volunteer for KFC on occasion (travel expenses provided by KFC) to help correct discrepancies regarding any of KFC's district mangers and restaurant managers, who have been failing in the area of customer satisfaction and proper food preparation and handling.

    Let me help KFC by grading your district managers and store managers for the public. This would be done mostly by unexpected/surprise inspections by someone they would not normally have contact with.

    Manager’s inconsistencies need to be brought to their attention. This is a good thing for managers. A surprise inspection with some good advice may even save some of your customers’ lives, by avoiding possible food poisoning.

    Let your 6,000 or so, restaurant managers and KFC's district managers prove themselves. Make them aware that the consumer is watching them, and they need to be responsible. Keep the managers on their toes. This is what they get paid for.

    The whole problem in a nut shell, that I see KFC managers facing, translates into lack of proper training and consistent supervision of their own food service personnel, concerning preparation of food and customer satisfaction.

    Basically, KFC needs to re-enforce its management team of their responsibilities. This would cover proper supervision, training of personnel, quantity/quality preparation, proper temperature controls (use of food thermometers, proper cooking times and procedures) food textures and color, food storage (safe holding times) and temperatures of food warmers; Not excluding Safety, Sanitation requirements, and customer service/satisfaction.

    Anyways, if KFC accepts my offer to help, that's what I would do to help fix what I see as a problem that will get bigger if not attended to. And, my advice is free, so take me up on it. I am freed up. E-mail me if you’re interested at


    Douglas Deason
    P O BOX 1015
    Kingsburg, CA.

    Attachments: Picture and copy of reciept available for proof.
    cc: file

  • Ma
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Poor service& food of poor quality
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    musgrave st

    I bought some lunch and there was a piece of wood in the chips and they just look and laughed at me and gave me a small chips in return.

  • Ro
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Poor service& food of poor quality
    lee ave
    United States
    Phone: 912-283-7309

    white female manager (amanda) was observed abusing presumed cocaine.this is a serious issue that needs some serious attn. if not i will contact osha if you have no problem with a 7 year old girl watching someone do this!!!

  • Je
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Poor service& food of poor quality
    kentucky fried chicken
    jackson ave.
    oxford miss.
    United States

    saturday night between ballgames we went to kfc for food. IT WAS BAD AND WE ONLY ATE A FEW BITES, BEFORE WE REALIZED THISwe gave 2 dogs a bite. to make it short, i broke a cap off and we all became very sick including the two dogs. we live in memphis and headed home as soon as able. We also got bad kfc in destin, fl. this was in feb . jean price, 4314 garner pl., bartlett, tn. 38135.

  • Ti
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Hello, i have been trying to find someone out there that would take all this seriously. I also have bought raw chicken, but said to myself, it was cooked by a new guy.Not only is the chicken raw" I did witness" A manager drink out of a clean KFC cup and then replace it on top of the others! This KFC in Wilburton, Oklahoma is awlful! Not oly did i see the manager drink out of the clean cup"and replace it in the cups", but the employee's are very rude.I'm not sure how many complaints you all get, but this complaint will not put up with that! I think more people needs to get ahold of health inspectors, through email and through phone and mail..If an inspector would come to the town of Wilburton, Oklahoma and asked all the people here in town if they are happy with KFC, They would all say " NO"! The drive window does not work and it's very nasty.When you do get to drive around, to place an order, you have to wait 30 or more, just for 10 piece chicken.. The worst of all, is the nastiness.Hair in food, drinking out of contaminated cups! Here i Wilburton, Oklahoma, when you asked for the head dogs # to complain, they will just say" It's on the reciept" Well it's not, so i came here... If anyone out there knows who i can call, please let me know... I don't think they want me to sue!

  • An
      19th of May, 2008
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    The last 3 times I have been there - firstly the person who takes my order through the drive through is so busy talking to her friends, she doesn't see I'm there. Then I specifically say I would like it to be made fresh, because I had had a few "oldish" one before - and what do they give me - a cold dry twister.. the chicken is like rubber. This has happened numerous times - I just think that the timing needs to be a bit better or something, because it's a bit pathetic paying R29 for a Twister thats freezing cold and with chewy chicken...

  • Ch
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    Hi! Well my complaint, I went into a KFC in Concord NC, my girlfiend and I were cursed out by one of the employee which was a team leader. On May 27 my food was so horrible that I called to let them know. So the team leader (Rashaad) told me to come in and he would handle the situation. When we went into the store he handled it with a nasty attitude. So ask him was this the way to handle this because I could have just let the whole situation go. He talked so rudely to us that it was horrible. I had my eight year old daughter with me and I have never been so direspected in front of her until it was crazy. We got called so many ### in the store until it was ridant. I contacted the complait line that day on May 30 and today is June 16 and still no responce. I use to be a value customer to KFC, but I guess KFC does not see it that way. KFC could never get any of my money ever again. I feel how you feel about the situation. Its more to my expirience at KFC, but I have other things to get done. So if KFC don't care than why should I. The number I called was 1800-225-5532 I hope that you get your complaint accomplised because I sure did'nt.

  • Ne
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I'm curious about something...are KFC's independantly owned and does the owner say yea or nay to a food product being made and sold at KFC they own.
    We recently tried to buy the new Chipotle Chicken at a KFC's in Cushing, OK. and were told they did not carry it and went as far as to tell my husband it was no good and to make it you had to wear goggles and it was dangerous to make, so they will not carry it.
    Now how true is such a thing. I have never heard a response in many years of life like that one.
    I would have thought that you don't down grade your own food product to the public.
    Doesn't KFC send out feelers or people that go around to their establishments and check on workers to see if they are doing a proper job, independantly owned or not.
    If I owned a food establishment, I certainly would not want my workers to down grade my food products and establishment...
    Thank you

  • Mu
      13th of Jul, 2008
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Poor service& food of poor quality
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Liberty Road
    United States

    On Sunday, 7/13/08, at 1:00pm, I purchased 14 pieces of chicken from Kentucky Chicken on Liberty Road in Baltimore. When I got home the chicken smelled bad and tasted bad. I returned to the store and was given my money back however, I was very upset that they could sell me and my family such disgusting chicken that potentially could have made us sick.

  • Li
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Bad customer service
    Kentucky Fried Chicken

    I went to buy ice cream for me and the kids in KFC Lesotho today. The cashier rang four ice creams after I had told her to ring five. She told me that she didn't sell ice cream to pregnant women. I received bad service as she was not friendly. She told me to go to another till. When I got to the other till the cashier told me to start the que from the back. I then explained that the other cashier said I should go to her till. She also refused to sell me ice cream because she said that she also didn't sell ice cream to pregnant women!!! I then asked for the manager and ten minutes later a woman walked out of the office. I asked her whether it was in KFC's policy not to sell ice cream to pregnant women and told her that I would like to buy the ice cream. She went and made the ice cream and I paid the cashier who's name is Masenate who had earlier suggested that I cry for the ice cream because no one will sell me the ice cream. The service was ridiculous. I certainly don't need that kind of service as a KFC customer. My kids love KFC and I think the employee's should be taught customer service. I would like to take this matter further and therefor request head office numbers for South Africa/Customer relations department.

  • Le
      19th of Jul, 2008
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  • Ne
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken - Poor service& food of poor quality
    fulton kfc ID#f440009
    United States
    Phone: 573-642-7340

    ordered a meal .when i opened the biscuit out from the under crawled a black gnat .it caught in the honey on the biscuit .I removed it .I once moved the biscuit and out came one more black gnat. I have the gnat in a napkin at my home

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