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1 unknown, United States
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Phone: 206-462-5449

A man named Mr Allen called and asked me I knew that my Microsoft Software Security had ended. I told him no, I did not. He stated that my computer showed a lot of errors and that someone could soon take over my computer. He went inside my computer and showed this to me. He stated that he could sale me the software security at $90 for 3 years; $133.00 for 5 years or Lifetime for $199.00. He said that he would give me 10 day protection on my software. He stated that he will call me back on April 18th as a reminder that I needed to purchase Software Security from him. I checked this Company online; and don't like the information that has been reported on them. I am Essie Kirkpatrick. My telephone number is [protected]. The spelling of my name is correct!

Apr 12, 2014

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