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Kay Jewelers Southridge Mall Greendale,WI / do not shop at kay jewelers southridge mall

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Phone: 414-423-1985

Do not shop at Kay Jewelers at Southridge Mall in Greendale, Wisconsin. Kay Jewelers is not a good place to shop at Southridge Mall in Greendale, Wisconsin, Because the white women employees who work there have a bad attitude towards customers and shoppers inside the store and on the phone.They run a bad business inside Southridge Mall.They don't show customers and no shoppers no respect, no dignity, and no self respect.They are rude and disrespectful towards customers.They don't treat shoppers right!!! They damage your jewelry on purpose inside the store.They work with Southridge Mall Security and Greendale Police, Mall Security and Police take sides with the women co-workers and beliveve them over the shoppers.They disrespect people over the phone.They do Greendale Police's dirty work inside Southridge Mall, and They kiss Greendale Poilce's ### inside Southridge Mall.Greendale, Wisconsin and Southridge Mall are racist against black people and black shoppers!!! They treat black shoppers like dirt and crap inside the store!!! They don't care about nobody but themselves!!! The best Kay Jewelers to shop is Mayfair Mall, and Brookfield Square Mall.

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