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Wow, what can I say about this place other than I have filed complaints against them and Karplus Warehouse with every State and Federal Agency there is and will taking them to an Unlimited Civil Court Case. They are currently being investigated by the Department of Consumer Affairs for major violations. Friendly? Nope, not at all! The general manager Robert Baghoomian stated "She is the least of my concerns; if she wants to take me to court then so be it, we have lawyers that will rip her to shreds". How disgusting is this? I gave Karplus Warehouse $7000.00 down payment CASH for a nightmare piece of crap Nissan Armada. For crying out loud the vehicle did not even have a horn; which of course is a safety mechanism and a violation of State Law. If I was you I would take my money, family and run the other direction. Just because you might think they are the last resort, well there are other options. If anyone has ever been "screwed over" by Karplus and Sun Valley Auto Care, they are more than welcome to contact me and I will include you in a class action lawsuit against them. Corporations like that should NOT be allowed to take advantage of consumers like us. BTW the owner of Karplus Ali Modarresi not only owns Karplus but Discount Finance and Sun Valley Auto Care. Talking about really getting one over on you!!

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      Oct 10, 2011


    My mother was"sold" a car here in Feb 2010, the reason for the quotes will become apparent soon.. My mother is 58 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, her condition fluctuates from okay/good to bad all the time (especially when she hasn't eaten, of course).

    She knew she was going to be getting some money from a small settlement.
    She began looking for a car online and somehow Kar Plus Warehouse got a hold of her information, after that they proceeded call her a nonstop multiple times a day, added her as a friend and messaged her on social networking sites and sent her continuous emails. In these phone calls and messages they promised her the world, regardless of her credit they would take car of her and she would be able to get a nice car for a reasonable price.
    I know the words "nice" and "reasonable price" are subjective but after not having a car for a year and a half and relying on other people to get you to all her doctors appointments or the store she was pretty desperate. The sharks smelled blood in the water from miles away.

    After a month of two of nonstop bombardment and borderline stalking these people pressure/convince my mom into coming in just to look at a few cars. They offered to come pick her up at her house and give her a ride there(how nice). Seeing how she didn't have a car and Kar Plus Warehouse is over 30 minutes away from her house she couldn't very well walk and no one else was available to drive her she took them up on their offer.
    Since she knows little to nothing about cars and I wasn't around during all of this so she brought my 18 year old brother with her. For physical protection this was good if anything shady were to happen to her but in regards to knowing anything about cars or how sleazy used car salesmen operate he didn't offer much protection.

    After 4 hours of looking around both of Kar Plus' lots with an incompetent salesman and trying to figure out what they might be able to do my mom starts showing noticeable signs that she hasn't eaten or taken medication since that morning. Confusion, fatigue, the standard low blood sugar symptoms but slightly more pronounced. Not only did they not offer to take her anywhere to get something to eat, all they had in the office was coffee, which would have only made the problem worse. This guy continues to push and sell her on the "great deal" of a "Certified" 05 dodge stratus for $2, 600 down at 26% interest.. So a car that was grossly overpriced to begin with $8, 050 would actually cost $15, 800 if by some miracle she paid it off in her lifetime. Triple the Kelley Blue Book Value on a "good" condition, which I don't even think it is.

    At this point her and my brother just want to go home so my mom tells the Kar Plus salesman that she needs some time to look around and think about it. The guy tells her that this deal isn't going to be available tomorrow, but she still says she needs to think it over.
    So Mr. Salesman who was so nice to come pick her up says "alright well you go home, think it over and call me tomorrow."
    Sounds like she's out of a ride but no they wouldn't do that right? So she asks this guy when he'll be able to take her and my brother back home, he tells her he has a couple coming in to look at a car in a little so he'll go find another employee to take them home. Apparently no one was around right now that could leave for 30+ mins to take them home. He said something to the effect of "if you wait we'll find someone" but it was obvious that wasn't going to happen.

    This was the deciding factor in my mother buying the car, the fact that the people who picked her up to "look" at cars looked like they weren't going to take her home.
    Now I don't know exactly what happened after this point because as I said she hadn't eaten of taken her medication in a very long time so she doesn't remember a lot of details about the actual contract signing and purchasing of the car.

    The bottom line being that she bought the car for the aforementioned price "as is" + $800 for a GAP contract + $800 for a non existent optional anti theft device. I know that people get screwed all the time at car dealerships in terms of pricing and interest rates so that's not what I'm so angry about it's everything leading up to and that happened on that day that irks me.
    This is only half of the story...

    This car has had nothing but problems. We'd replaced all the tires within months of buying the car, headlights too. The back seat isn't even connected to the car so when you hit the brakes the whole thing slides unless someone heavy enough is sitting in it. The first problem happened within a couple weeks of buying the car, her and I took the car back to Kar Plus and asked grease slicked haired gentleman with braces if we could take it to their service department to have it looked at. We were informed that they don't have a garage on site they send all their customers to an outside mechanic(yeah sounds like the "finance company" they used). I asked to speak with the manager and he wasn't available at the moment.

    We were not going to get anywhere with these people so we had the problem fixed by our mechanic(I'd have to look up in our records what the first problem was, nothing major yet). This type of thing went on constantly until Jan 2011, a little under a year since she bought the car the motor blows up. We let Kar Plus know that the "certified" car they sold us has finally broke down completely and they really have nothing to say since the car was bought "as is". We take it to the mechanic and he says it's going to be $2, 700 for a used motor.

    Fast forward 7 months later, after 4 attempts at putting used motors in the car, several trips to the dodge dealership the car doesn't run or the engine light comes on and shortly after stops running. So my mom's mechanic who's she's gone to for over 13 years decides to get a rebuilt engine directly from dodge that actually seems to work so we got the car back less than a week ago and yesterday the exact same thing that happened to the first motor in the beginning happened to the new one. We had it towed to the mechanic and have to go see him later today.
    The mechanic took a major hit on the first job, since the original estimate is what he charged even though he worked on it for months and bought 4 used and 1 rebuilt engine that had to have cost more than what we paid. It all came out of his pocket.

    During this time Discount Finance and Kar Plus did nothing to help with the car that didn't run and my mom kept making the payments every month until one month she couldn't. They contacted her stating that they were going to come repossess the car because she was behind. She told them that the car has not ran in 6 months at this time and she's trying her best to pay what she can. She was supposed to be on a payment plan but never was. The lady acted like this was the first they'd heard that the car was a non op and reduced the payments(slightly) for the last month it was in the shop.

    She is so stressed out about this that she can't sleep, when she doesn't sleep her condition worsens. All she wants is just to be rid of this nightmare, she tells me at least once a day she wishes she never bought it. Kar Plus is the worst business that my family or I have ever dealt with. They are crooked and will do or say anything they can to squeeze the last cent out of their victims. No one is off limits to these people, they'd rip your sick grandmother off if they got the chance and probably their own mothers while they're at it.
    If I have to gather all the unhappy customers and picket out side their business I will. PLEASE DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

    I apologize for the massive post, Ninnabi if you're serious about a lawsuit and you think we would be able to join please let me know how to get that done. I feel horrible for my mom and wish there was something more I could do.

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