SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / They asked me to send them photo of my card!

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What a scam website!! I made an order here and paid for it and they took my money very fast. But they did not send me any confirmation and of course there was no tracking number. Later I received a message from them stating that I had to send them a photo of my card and my ID to verify that I was the real owner of the card. I refused and asked them to cancel my order and give my money back but they replied that they will not refund me until I sent them pictures!! What?? Are you kidding me?
I'm reporting these clowns to police and if I will not get my money back any time soon I will hire a lawyer and sue them. When they charged me they did not ask for anything but when I asked for a refund they demanded a photo of my card!! Total joke!!

Mar 08, 2017

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