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Kanata Ford / failure to comply with warranty

1 Kanata, Ontario, Canada

I took my 2011 Ford Escape to the Kanata Ford dealership on 07/08/14 for warranty repairs, I had a clunk in the front end, and my horn had stopped working and that the climate control was not working on control one and two. I left the vehicle there, and went for breakfast, after about half an hour or so the advisor called me and told me that the escape required two stab links in the front end, she also said that my front brakes were down to 1%, and should be replaced, and that the total bill will be just under $1600:00, she also told me my vehicle was out of warranty, as it was over 60, 000Kms, i told her that I will look after the front brakes myself but to go ahead with the other repairs. When I got to the dealership the advisor told me that i required a new horn but that I would have to bring my vehicle back on Monday as they did not have a horn in stock.

While I was waiting for my vehicle to be repaired I walked over to Canadian Tyre store close by and asked the automotive advisor there what it would cost me for top of the line front brakes on a Ford Escape, he looked it up and told me $325:00, I told him you got the job just as soon as I get my car back from Kanata Ford.

I got my car back from Kanata Ford and took it to Canadian Tyre. When they started working on my car, I asked the advisor if they could also look at my horn, as Kanada ford had told me that the horn was bad and required replacing, after some time the advisor came to me and asked me to go into the workshop to see the mechanic who then told me that the horn cable was hanging loose, and he just plugged it in and it worked, right off I thought that Kanata Ford was trying to rip me off about this, and went right over to Kanata Ford and spoke to the shop manager and told him that they were trying to rip me off about the horn repair, of course they totally denied this.

When I got home I got my vehicle puchase agreement out and read it, and there clear as daylight stated 84/6000000 Ford premiumcare and chemical protection, I then looked at my Ford extended Warranty contract, and it also states that its for 84 months 600, 000 miles.

I went back to Kanata ford and was taken to financial services manager Mike Hodgins, who took me to his office and immediately started to tell me that I new that this was not what we discussed in his office when I boulght this vehicle, that I new it was for only 60, 000 kms warranty, I told him that I didn't know this and that i don't remember any of what he was saying to me, at this he said to me that he couldn't believe that an old guy like me would stoop so low to lie about this like i was doing, and that I know it was a typo error, I once again said I don't know this, and he flew off the handle and called me a liar, and called me a liar another 3 times after this, and proceded to tell me that he would see me in court. Talk about good customer service, Mike Hodgins is tops in this are tops in this.

I would never reccommend anyone going to Kanata Ford to get any work done or buy a vehicle

Aug 9, 2014

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